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Dead Rising 3 in the E3 Preview: Nick Ramos makes an open world game uncertain

Capcom has shown behind closed doors at E3 Dead Rising 3, we were there and have summarized all the information on Open World, Smart Glass and the depiction of violence. With the new protagonist Nick Ramos show us the developer in a demo of the zombie carnage already the new direction of the game on a dark and more adult setting than in the predecessors.

Dead Rrising 3 Wallpaper HD

Dead Rising is back. Instead of being limited to a department store as a location, there are to discover an entire city in Dead Rising 3. Frank West and Chuck Greene have served with it: The new protagonist is Nick Ramos and is a simple auto mechanic with a turbulent past. The action continues at ten years after Dead Rising 2 and takes place in Los Perdido, an infected city that we can explore completely independent. With cars and motorcycles Nick nozzles can and must look for survivors of the zombie plague and save the city.

Unlike its predecessor, Dead Rising 3 is not on black-humored atmosphere amidst the zombie disaster. The plot is more mature and darker and therefore has even more brutal. The time in which you have old women just surrounded with a few sofas to bring them to safety, is definitely over. The soulless undead are much more aggressive and can also break if enough press against the windows and doors. In some places, but that's not so bad. We hide in a demo level in a gun shop. To get in there, but we need to strike the window to break. This triggers an alarm, which in turn attracts zombies. But since they now all trying to climb through the same window, we have it easy. As in a shooting after a fall and the other to hit a few Leftover we part with a chainsaw.

Crafting, weapons and clothing

Capcom let the zombie hunting of course not any amateurs. Nick should kindly make the most cruel way possible to undead dead. The more violent the kills are, the more prestige points there. In a crafting menu you can therefore weapons that have been found, according to screw together blueprints. Simple example, a gun and a flashlight produce a "Tactical Pistol". Taken to the extreme, there are also "Sledge Saws", sledgehammers, which is combined with chainsaws, or Canon's boom (+ shotgun shell). Whatever you can imagine: If it makes Boom, Nick will use it! Once unlocked weapons are incidentally stored in the gun cabinet of Nick's "Save Houses". They are more easily recover.

A little joke, the developers have not let in spite of the gloomy settings take. On his journey through the city of Los Perdido Nick gathers again on costumes. Through the sewage system, therefore, we run around in the cool Hazmet suit and the survivors can even plug in an airy summer dresses. When armed in dress cut with a chainsaw zombie body in the center, which has a bit quirky. Nick in his costumes collects Save Houses and can access it any time.

Interaction with Smart Glass

To avoid having to pause the game every time, if you want to watch on the city map, Capcom uses smart glass. With Microsoft's "Second Screen" technology data from the game and the app will be processed in a split second and merged. The weapons shop where we meet a host of zombies, we have found some on the phone and made us via Smart Glass Waypoint on the Xbox One. Later, we can even call in artillery touchscreen-click. Which is indeed quite overpowered, but often helps us out of trouble. That might not sound like sophisticated technology, but is the most sensible use of second screen functions that would otherwise disrupt the flow of the game, optionally captured on the mobile phone.

Dead Rising 3 - Technology and violence

Dead Rising 3 will be released exclusively for Xbox One. Technically, you can not blame a lot of the title. On some corners you can feel still significant frame drops, but neither hardware nor software are correct final. Really good liked the sheer number of zombies that will be simulated. At several points the demo we persevere on elevated points of the map to entgegenzublicken a sunset, which is overrun by thousands of Undead.

By the way, we will cruise the city is complete without charging interruptions. Whole lot Perdido is streamed and also looks at each corner pretty. Especially the wonderful light shows we liked. We are also impressed by the size of the map. Los Perdido will offer several neighborhoods and some of them are more or less well protected by special zombies. In a side street we meet as zombified firefighters. Because they wear protective clothing and a helmet, they are pretty hard nuts

A downer is: Dead Rising 3 So great looks and it sounds so exciting ... In Germany it is determined never appear. The violence is now displayed even more real and celebrates in a form that is certainly not recognized by the federal agencies with a youth identification. One body parts, chopping off limbs, zombies lying on the ground occurs on the head or run over massive of them. It injects blood and the scenes are really shown in full clarity.

Dead Rrising 3 Wallpaper HD

Dead Rrising 3 Wallpaper HD

Dead Rrising 3 Wallpaper HD

Dead Rrising 3 Wallpaper HD

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