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Call of Duty Ghosts - Development for Next-gen Consoles

According to the developers at Infinity Ward is developing a new game for a new console generation in about an awkward first date to compare. One can not know much about each other, everything will be the second date but much more relaxed and better.

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In an interview with the has Mark Rubin for Call of Duty Ghosts voiced executive Executive Producer at game developer Infinity Ward, among other things, to the challenges of developing a new game for a completely new platform - a scenario which is now entered with the upcoming release of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for many developers.

Call of Duty Ghosts

And Ruby is a rather abstract comparison for the transition to the new console generation. The development of a new platform is like a lousy first date:
"The way I see it, the first game for a next-gen console is the most difficult to make. It's like a first date. You have to find out as much and hardly know each other. The second date then of course everything is better, but the first one is really difficult."

He did not think, therefore, that the simultaneous release of the game for current-and next-gen systems would inhibit the progress of Call of Duty in terms of its quality and its graphical development. You only had to once Call of Duty 2 and watch it with Call of Duty 4 compare:
"Look at, for example, Call of Duty 2 and how it has even looked in comparison to Call of Duty fourth It was a significant step forward. And I think, therefore, that we will now see something like this - I hope, generally speaking as a game developer and not just for call of duty to see massive steps forward, while the new generation is growing up."

Call of Duty Ghosts released on 5th November 2013 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 A PS4 offshoot follows 29 November 2013. The Xbox one is served when the console is available.

Official Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

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