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Xbox Live beta program: Download the new Xbox 360 update started

The beta version of the new Xbox 360 dashboard is now available for download. Should you have registered you live beta program for the Xbox a few days ago, so you will receive an update notification the next time the Xbox 360 console. Then the Xbox 360 system update loads in the beta version automatically downloads and executes the installation process independently. Your Microsoft Points will be credited converted and your Microsoft account in real currency.

Xbox Live beta program

Microsoft is now shipping from the new system update for the Xbox Live beta. Should you have you logged in to the beta program for the new Xbox 360 dashboard a few days ago, so now you get an update as soon as you turn on your Xbox 360 console. Loads the system update the beta program and installs itself automatically. Your Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Marketplace are converted into real currency. For this, you simply click it on the Xbox Live Marketplace by any buying process. The conversion to MS Points You only have as yet unconfirmed. We converted our example still available at 930 Microsoft Points to 11.52 euros.

Overall, the guide provides a richer green around the edges, which somehow reminds me of the green of the Xbox One. Other new features we could not see at first glance. Microsoft Points cards may still be redeemed. After entering the code, the MS points are, however, converted immediately into real currency. As the new Xbox Live Cards will be on a trade in real currency is not fixed yet. Microsoft will continue to offer but in the future Xbox Live cards. If you on Xbox Live beta program taking part and discovered new features, yet so simple posting a comment with your impressions at the end of this message in the comment area. Details to exchange the Microsoft Points you'll find on

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