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What to Be Expected from Playstation 4 Controller

Checking on the news about Playstation 4 controller, a lot of people especially gamers will be awed by the idea of having a game controller that will actually detect the amount of sweat in hands while a gamer is playing games. This is one unique idea and certainly very intriguing. Many people have actually never thought about the thing like this. There have been Playstation 4 controller pictures that can be found online and the controller are still prototype but enough to give the physical imaging about how the controller will look like. The controller looks very much similar with the controller of Playstation that is widely known and used through the previous models of Playstation. There will be slight differences found in the controller such as the possibility of the controller to be wireless.

Playstation 4 controller

The development in the Playstation 4 controller is not finished yet. The team for the new controller is still working on how to make the controller works perfectly fine without any bugs as well as able to function perfectly in the way expected by the developers. The architect behind PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny revealed the possible features to be put in the playstation and the controller to media. The thing that really captured attention is the new Playstation 4 controller will use atechnilogy called galvanic technology. This is a technology that will be useful to detect just how conductive the skin of gamers through the clamminess of the gamers’ paws. It is said to be able to detect how gamers drop sweat while they are gaming. The biometric sensors of this technology actually intended to be included in the earlier version of DualShock 4 but in the final iteration, it was removed. Now, the team works real hard to figure out the best configuration by making changes hopefully to get the expected result.

New Playstation 4 controller

Sony Playstation 4 controller

In the interviews, Mark Cerny mentioned that the team is still working on the new Playstation 4 controller and experimenting with various ideas they found. This idea of using the galvanic technology has been researched and discussed for a long time. The team keeps on collecting data and try to conceive what they really intended from the very beginning through this brand new Sony Playstation 4 controller. One thing for sure, Playsation has successfully drawn attention from a lot of people with the new idea they intended for the new controller and just how far it will serve its intended functions.
All gamers in the world will have similar hop of able to play games in ease and the controller of every game console they have must be comfortable enough to be used. Comfort will be necessary because by having comfort that will last longer, gamers will be able to play games for the longer time. This will of course increase the excitement that will be felt during playing a game. The additional features like intended by the developer of Playstation will be welcomed as long as it will perform very well.

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