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Watchdogs: Xbox One version is the best version, according to Ubisoft

Watchdogs will be released for multiple platforms, but the best version is loud Ubisoft producer Dominic Guay Xbox One version of the upcoming action-adventure. Accordingly watchdog is due to cloud feature offer the most lively and dynamic game world on the Xbox One.

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Watchdogs will appear among other things, for the Xbox and the PlayStation One fourth The best version of the upcoming action-adventure, however, represent one Xbox version, such as Ubisoft's producer Dominic Guay has now betrayed. "Watchdogs will be good on all systems. That is certain. However, the Xbox version is the best one. Due to the cloud support from Microsoft, we can conjure up the most vibrant and dynamic city on the home television there. This includes, for example, the graphic. "said Guay towards gaming target.

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It continues: "With the Xbox One version is dimensionally give simulated water, in which the swell of your boat will also have an impact on the surrounding boats also are available on the Xbox One the best passers-AI and more inhabitants than. Playstation 4 The way the city and its people will respond to you on the Xbox One most dynamic. " Watchdogs will appear on 21 November 2013 for the Xbox 360, the PS3, the Wii U and the PC. A date for the next-gen versions is not yet known.

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