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Trackmania 2: Valley - Only for die-hard fans a must

Trackmania 2: Valley in the test. The third expansion to the arcade racer from Nadeo and Ubisoft is since 4 July on Steam and the community platform ManiaPlanet available. We have extensively played the racing game in our review and tell you if it's worth the investment in the amount of 19.99 Euro.

Trackmania 2 Valley

And since I'm back, finger on the backspace key, the current lap time and the fastest time ever in view, and try a new personal lap record in Trackmania 2: Valley set up. Welcome to a new game TrackMania 2, this time in the variant "Valley", which translated stands for valley. and to its name in honor to Trackmania: Green meadows, small mountains and rocks, villages, forests and tons of wacky highways. This includes all the latest Trackmania scenario. But over all it is worth looking at the title, after one has already bought Trackmania 2 stage? We tell you in our test.

Trackmania 2: Valley looks compared to stage just a little bit nicer. The green valleys, meadows, forests, lakes and mountains we liked, offer plenty of variety for the eye and are more detailed than in previous expansions. Also, the reflections on the race car and the lights in tunnels and at the night races make for a very nice look. The damage model is the well-known back in Trackmania 2: Canyon, however, was not represented in the last expansion stage. Bang her against the guard rail, scratched her your vehicle on the respective page. If you lie down against a bigger crash, her dented the entire car or lose individual auto parts such as bumper, hood or single doors. On the driving physics which has no effect.

Trackmania 2 Valley Trailer

New control and existing features

The control in Trackmania 2: Valley has, in contrast to last scenario changed something "stage": The braking maneuver now require more dexterity because your vehicle on the brakes in a turn immediately into the drift goes for a kick, her less by have control of your car and of course ultimately lose time. The driving behavior off-piste is tricky and different from the on paved trails. Overall, it again needs a bit of getting used to master the control of the third scenario can. Trackmania 2: Valley offers you all the standard features of the stage extension: In addition to 65 all-new, funky Singleplayer-Strecken/-Herausforderungen it reflects the extensive haul and car editor, a comprehensive online mode, and a replay editor. Overall, the third expansion to the new car in the mini-makeover and the green valley surrounding area has little new to offer.

Trackmania 2 Valley Gameplay

The heart of the game: The online mode

Also in Trackmania 2: Valley Nadeo and Ubisoft put on the extensive multiplayer mode. This is clearly the core of the game, because here the title only unfolds its full strength and ensures lasting fun: more than 100 ghost enemies at one way, a lot of servers and a world ranking, which can be broken down to its own capital plans and the eternal hunt for the course record motivate immensely in the third scenario in the long run. Trackmania 2: Valley you can even create your routes again share with the gamer community. On the in-game community platform "ManiaPlanet" you have also the opportunity to evaluate other routes, download them and play themselves. In addition, the platform offers you the latest news in the game menu around Trackmania and various forums in which may be browsed.

Trackmania 2 Valley Gameplay

More innovations would have been nice

Trackmania 2: Valley plays as good as the last extension Trackmania 2: stage. Nevertheless provides the current scenario, given the higher price of 9.99 euros to 19.99 euros instead of little changes compared to the stage version, which is why the price policy of Ubisoft is not quite obvious after. Although the new damage model like and provides visual variety, but can be found in the vehicles, unfortunately, still no racing before. Convince the changes to the control not quite: The arcade racer tries Although in a realistic driving behavior, but fails due to the excessive control: even after minimal braking in curves cares our race car with the rear of which leads to drifts and accidents valuable time and costs.

Trackmania 2 Valley Wallpapers

Conclusion - For diehard fans of the series!

The third scenario Trackmania 2: Valley also uses the proven gameplay of the arcade series: Fast-paced racing action, insane distances, many thanks to the editor options and multiplayer parts and long-term fun. Nevertheless, the nearly 20-euro scenario provides too little changes from the stage extension and one of us, given the higher price, therefore, be recommended only with a bitter aftertaste. The title is placed upon your minds, if you're into fast paced arcade racing game with addictive gameplay and either not yet in the possession of the extension Trackmania 2: satin stage come or if you have want the complete series and needs a new change to the stadium look . All others are also the ten euros cheaper scenario Trackmania 2: happy stage.

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