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The Last of Us for PS3 in the test: Great story, top atmosphere, thoughtful gameplay

The Last of Us in the test: with the new action-adventure one of the few highlights for PlayStation 3 appears In the test to find out how the struggle for survival of Joel and Ellie plays what The Last of Us at Legend has in common with films such as I - and what absurdities have crept in.

The Last of Us for PS3 at test

The Last of Us for PS3 at test: Great story, top atmosphere, thoughtful gameplay - Naughty Dog has delivered with The Last of Us once more excellent work. On the following pages you read why the game is a must have for any PS3 owner is what it has in common with movies like I am Legend, and what small, but then negligible inconsistencies have still eventually crept. On this page and the next page you will find out what has us at The Last of Us particularly liked. On the third page of this article we summarize the contra points that we noticed during testing of The Last of Us. Uses the table of contents to go to the next pages of The Last of Us tests. On the third page you also find the standings.

About the multiplayer mode and the DLC:

The faction-based multiplayer part of The Last of Us was not satisfactory testable with the present version of us. Here we are waiting until we have received the retail version of the game and we can test under live conditions. Our impressions of the online multi-player battles, and a summary will follow after the release and in the play3 issue 08/2013. Anticipated but already the basic data: As in the solo campaign war with each other in multiplayer mode, the resistance group the "Fireflies" and the bandits, "Hunters" called. You decide for one of the two factions, and then you can like in Uncharted 3 already visually customize your character. In addition to your fellow players are joined by several AI survivors to your chosen faction. During the 4v4-deathmatches you collect, as in the single player mode supplies and crafting resources. The simple goal: Your group must survive as long as possible, each of the matches count as one day.

The Last of Us Review

In addition to the opposing team you also complicate attacks by fungal mutants, infections or injuries as well as a limited number of respawns in the individual matches the struggle for survival. For this, you can at least construct new weapons and customize the four basic classes Assault, Sniper, Support, and Health with various shooting Spanking and passive skills. How all this takes exactly into each other and whether the struggle for survival motivated, but will then only show the practical test. The ideas sound but ever interesting. As for the DLC, Sony announced a few days ago that they wanted to offer three such download packages - a single-player content as well as two multiplayer extensions. Who rises to the Season Pass for just under 20 euros, in addition to the three DLC gets a little head start in terms of perks and upgrades in single player mode.

The Last of Us in review: The LovedAtmosphere

Logically, you can get it not to do with a squeakingly Peace Joy Pancake setting for a end-game. Nevertheless, the issue was rarely implemented in such bleak as in The Last of Us. The game world is vicious, brutal and devoid of hope, the characters drawn persons, resulting in her life full. It is obvious from the game at every turn, that the developers have thought about how life would turn out in a post-apocalyptic world. In his consolation and hopelessness The Last of Us is very reminiscent of films like I am Legend.

The Last of Us for PS3 Review

The Story

Where we're at Compare with I Am Legend. Do you remember the scene in which Will Smith from his dog "disconnect" do? Yes, even here at this point has cut some swine onions. Such scenes are also found in The Last of Us - scenes, according to which one can no longer speak of "fun" in a game that will leave a lump in your throat. On a positive way. Tlou is thought provoking and provides an adult, appropriate to the setting story about the loss of humanity, the loss of loved ones and the loss of what we call civilization. The circumstances leading to the road trip of Joel and Ellie, provided entertainment. We do not want to spoil too much at this point - experienced around the 12-15 hour long adventure by yourself

The narrative pace

Yikes, what is that weird for a point? Yes, the narrative pace of a game is usually not worth an extra appreciation. It is even more important, however, The Last of Us out from the crowd. For where most games today operate on a consistent basis ("fight - Puzzles - cutscene" about) or just action scene to action scene series, The Last of Us takes time for his character-drawing or quiet atmospheric moments. So it happens frequently to you that you just walk for minutes only exploratory dialogues or listening through the area without seeing even one enemy - unusual these days, but nice.

The fighting

More than standard genre do not offer the battles though, but they are dramatic in their implementation - especially in the melee - perfectly adapted to the end-time scenario. Uses its your ranged weapons (pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns and even flamethrowers), you realize the game on the Naughty-Dog'sche origin. Here was clearly Uncharted as a third-person shooter godfather. Combats are the last means to an end, if you want to save ammo, meet single enemies or just surprise them can. With baseball bats, iron pipe or machete will you do with enemies and massive short process. That in all this by the liter pixels blood flows, shows the adult claim of The Last of Us. The game is definitely not in the hands of children. The AI ​​also performs its service and is just in the form of clicker is a real danger dar. you unpack the mutants namely, this means instant Bildschirmtod. The so-called runner, infected the first stage, after all, can still push off in a QuickTime event.

The Last of Us for PS3 Review

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