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The Inner World Review - The best Daedalic game that is not Daedalic

The Inner World carries its largest flagship in the same name: It's the magical, fantastic world, enraptured with their differences again and again, enchanted with their charming ingenuity. The world is not like our Asposien on the surface of a sphere, but on the inside of a hollow planet.

Vital for the Asposer the mystic wind fountains that light and life are dining with energy. But these are decaying, what the kite-like wind gods angry that afflict the country and with its petrifying gaze gradually exterminate its inhabitants.

The Inner World Gameplay

But of course this fantasy world has its lowbrow reluctant hero, the suspects still at the beginning of some of his destiny: Robert, a hopelessly naive and benighted wretch at the beginning really only looking after his pigeon, but certainly not for large adventures is. But the encounter with the cheeky underground fighter Laura, the poor fool in love with the prompt itself, makes him a key figure in epic tangles, in particular the question awaits her answer to why Robert a flute out of his nose grows ...

The parallels are astonishing: Just like Daedalics debut "Edna breaks out" was also "The Inner World" by the developer Fizbin from a university thesis (at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg) out, and just like that it tries to lack of budget charm and style compensate. Although the background of this formula are mostly just, but especially the characters and animations in character style can not completely take the breath of dilettantism.

The Inner World Review

However, this is the world and its inhabitants imbued with charm and wit, surprise The Inner World again this through pretty incursions, which, as often only hint at in a Miyazaki film and not explain, so they get their magic and you world, as the reality, accept it as a given and must discover with amazement learns.

Just as the Schrof: This furry creature whose mouth is as wide as he himself high, has razor sharp claws and secretes a so corrosive acid that he has to spend his whole life on a rock, because he otherwise etch immediately through the floor would. Social contacts are of course difficult to maintain at These kinds anatomy, especially as a Schrof tends emotional impulses to a humid debate, which usually have severe burns or death with the interlocutor to follow ...

The Inner World

Music and Lyrics

The Inner World still designed at the beginning slightly tough and clings too strongly textbook-oriented genre schemes, it receives no later than the second chapter, when the research-cynical Laura is provided as a counterpart to the naive gutmenschelnden Robert on the page, a dynamic how many games they aspire to, but very few actually achieve.

The Inner World distinguishes itself by a joke of which is surprisingly witty and accurate and far from predictable fussy Schmunzelhumor an Ankh or the livestock chronicles. It provides Komödiantentum never be in the forefront, but always retains the artistic balanced equilibrium between comic, dramatic and epic moments.

The same can be said about the puzzle design, which is almost always the exact measure, placed his notes and is sent to see through most of logical connections. Most ... Because every now and then it something occurs to become habit, adventure blunders, the actual meaning of a riddle chain divulge only at the end in that, especially lately.

Especially at the end of the puzzles are sometimes abstruse, as if we have a brain (huh?) With gum (please?) Stick (uuh!) need to finally build it ... a, uh, disco ball (hääää?), With the we ... aaah, and then it begins to dawn on what one has about 20 clicks long actually driven here. No big deal, possibly a mosquito bite.

Also wipe with some mosquito repellent are minor technical criticisms spots which are probably due to the low budget, or tablet porting in mind: This calls for the control sometimes one or two more mouse click, as if really necessary, and the half-second load time after each action is almost more bizarre than really annoying.

The Inner World Screenshots


The headline says it all: The Inner World seems like the slightly grünschnäbelige protégé of "Edna" and Sadwick from The Whispered World of the Hamburg adventure grandmasters. What the Swabian indie developers Fizbin conjures here in his debut at unerring wit, charm and Kurzweil out of the hat, stands out from the formulaic and honesty current Adventures forth clearly and makes some minor criticism as the inexperience, low budget and tablet portability in mind due to tick off.

The Inner World enchants with its world like a Miyazaki film - a world whose wonder you learn and discover with amazement that nevertheless still retains its charm. It delights with a puzzle design, which is almost always the right amount and only occurs occasionally put my foot out of ideas. It entertains with witty charming wit and gives hope only the start of a new star in the sky adventure to be had.

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