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Splinter Cell Blacklist: The Sam who can not crawl - Part 1

Three years after Conviction Ubisoft dares to step back into the past. Does Splinter Cell Blacklist again really exciting stealth action?

Mirawa, Iraq. Two masked and heavily armed security guards talk in front of a hut. "How is that really so in the fight," asks one. After a brief pause, the other answered: "It is the worst thing you can imagine. You have to do, what to do "The questioner supports:." And as it was with you, "The soldier looks to the side:" I'm still here. The rest you can imagine alone."

Splinter Cell Blacklist

What both do not know however, is that they are already in the middle of an ongoing combat. Because in the house behind them unnoticed Special Agent Sam Fisher sneaks. The man with the now-graying hair overheard the guards. As they part, he whispers just, "Hey, over here." The first soldier responded, passing through the doorway. Sam grabs him by the arm, throws him to the ground and beats him co.

For the colleagues of the slumbering security guard, Sam has come up with a nasty trick. He throws a grenade, knocking in a corner. When the Uniformed Fisher missile? Back, this pulls out the electric shocker and missed the arms, a charge current in the ass.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Release Date

After the 2010 published Splinter Cell - Conviction went through rather as an action thriller, returns that appears in August Blacklist - Splinter Cell stealth, hide and quietly comply with secret orders: back to the roots of the series. According to the first face-off date in January , there was now the opportunity delve deeper into the matter. And lo and behold, Splinter Cell Blacklist more Schleicher is still suspected as a few months ago.

Splinter Cell Blacklist - The Blacklist Begins

Sam Fisher to the rescue

Splinter Cell - Conviction Sam Fisher was one who was worried about his daughter dead. This time, however, it is even worse.

The terrorist organization known as Engineers attack his beloved United States of America. It calls for the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from areas of conflict. Otherwise, they perpetrated every month an attack on American soil.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer

What sounds like an exciting scavenger hunt at the beginning of the action game degenerates into a cliché parade. Madam President shall convene a special task force with Sam Fisher on top. His colleagues are the computer specialist Charlie Cole, the communications expert Anna Grimsdottir and elite fighters Isaac Briggs.

Four flagship Americans should stop the nasty villains upper Sadiq and his crooks. Splinter Cell Blacklist unfortunately generous with stereotypes, what is the evil Europeans should burp.

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