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Sonic Adventure 2 Review

In 1991 Sonic saw the console world on the Mega Drive. 10 years later he got his second appearance on the Dreamcast. In Sonic Adventure 2 is played on the streets of San Francisco. After a short intro here you have to put his skills to the test and boarders alike. On a kind of snowboard it comes with high speed through narrow streets with some obstacles. After the first level, it is for Sonic but as usual, by foot.

Sonic Adventure 2

There are in each level to find 3 "chaos", which you put on the end of a level in the Chao Garden in order to maintain there. Furthermore, there are small animals in newspaper vending machines, trash cans and water pipes, which are or can be placed in the Chao Garden solve by blowing the whistle out of hiding and.

Sonic Adventure 2 HD

Sonic Adventure 2 Wallpaper

For the first time, you can choose whether you want to fight on the side of good or evil. This choice also determines the characters with which to dispute the game. The control is as usual simple and easy to learn. Unlike its predecessor, there is in Sonic Adventure 2 Action Window, which opens in certain situations and taking orders. For example, in order to slip over a railing, or to take an item.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Despite some adventure levels offers Sonic Adventure 2 more action and platforming elements than its predecessor. From extreme slopes, loops to catapults everything occurs in the action levels. Also a scene where you have to escape from a large truck occurs at the beginning of the game.

Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast

Technically you can convince Sonic Adventure 2 in sound and in the graphic. Unfortunately, the camera work is still as confusing as the first part. Overall, you can Sonic Adventure 2 denote a worthy anniversary game. It guarantees high-platforming game for each and every Sonic freak. Different multiplayer modes provide further gameplay, if you have played through the single-mode.

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