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Shadowrun Returns: Retro RPG officially released

This successfully funded via Kickstarter retro RPG Shadowrun Returns will appear in later today on Steam and we have already alluded to the title by hand. Our impressions of the highly anticipated sci-fi fans of role-playing game of the indie developer Harebrained Schemes we describe you match the release in our hands-on video.

Shadowrun Returns Wallpaper

Shadowrun Returns

Via the Kickstarter-funded sci-fi role-playing game Shadowrun returns from indie developer Harebrained Schemes will be published in the course of today after a long wait on Valve's digital distribution platform Steam. We already had the opportunity to test the fans of retro highly anticipated role-playing game extensively. The impressions we collected it, let's not deprive you of course and so we describe them to you in hands-on video at the end of these lines.

Shadowrun Returns Gameplay

With its turn-based battles and text-heavy dialogues Shadowrun returns consistently exudes a classic charm that should resonate especially for fans of the predecessor. So the developers have a strong orientation to Shadowrun games of the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive era. Unlike the pen & paper template, but the combat system falls far not so complex. And yet Shadowrun Returns can inspire both our testers, as you learn in the following video.

Shadowrun Returns Trailer

Who strikes in a few hours before the official Steam release, benefited from the pre-order discount, with which you can save ten percent. The standard version suggests thereafter with 18.99 EUR and the deluxe version with 31,99 euros. Buyers get the deluxe version of the soundtrack in addition to the game Shadowrun Returns as well as an illustrated PDF explaining the background story of the game comes closer and with tons of artwork.

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