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Saints Row 4 Preview - Waving goodbye says your mind!

A haphazard autocratic President with superpowers, who suddenly finds himself confronted with a global alien invasion during a press conference - hard to believe, but Volition succeeds in Part 4, the total insanity of Saints Row: to screw The Third at heights, where only Reinhold Messner, the Yeti or are otherwise encountered. At E3, I was half an hour to make with dubstep gun and hunt for black holes ETs bad-tempered relationship.

Saints Row 4 Preview

Land of the Saints

The Saints as leader of the free world? That sounds like an Austrian bodybuilder as absurd as governor of California in about. Accordingly, it is in the White House to the cause as in the penthouse of the Duke Nukem: scantily clad strippers serve alcohol in vast quantities, a tiger as a pet lolling in the corner and if I happen to know from the opposition encountered in the corridor, only raises the question whether I prefer boxing him in the soft tissues or directly polish the face.

Saints Row 4 Release Date

Incomprehensible, how can rain on my management style with so much cheerfulness of discontent among the people. Anyway, I want it in a press conference the applied pack and answer questions. That these journalists also a need to always twist the words in the mouth ... My "I'm the boss here, and you can sometimes nice to shut up!" Was certainly totally ripped out of context.

Luckily I can get the time on the way there yet use with really important things: fast nor take a drink, for example, and sometimes just beat cancer. Distrust fight hunger in the world? Always these moral decisions ... But I have heard that they are even for the end effect. So probably think ... Hmm, "Let them eat cake", yes, that sounds good. So after culture.

Lot can go now! Another high-five with the homies and then these guys should get to know me once. Party on!
Saints Row 4 Gameplay

But what is that? Just now emerges one who understands so no fun. And, moreover, the entire ceiling of my beautiful new slug pulverized with his spaceship, and enslaving humanity holds absolutely nothing of cake apparently. Zinyak called on interest-empire. Just you wait, America may no longer be The Land of the Free, but as long as I've got something to say, it's still The Land of The Saints ...

Saints Row 4 Trailer


Finally, I have recently about a lot of cool super powers, can run as fast as Speedy Gonzales, sprint up walls, light a fire inferno generate shock waves telekinetically hurl cars through the air. I could drive it, of course. But why should I? Because I've mastered flying recently also. Thus I'm a bit like the guy from Prototype, but of course much more permeable.

Saints Row 4 Wallpaper

Because logical: weapons! Notice the exclamation mark. Weapons! In this respect, what makes me any before. I can fire black holes swallow the whole car! I have a water gun, the um ... no matter rips anyway. With the inflator I distend the heads of my opponents on like a Tom and Jerry cartoon. And I can bring the whole world to dance with my dubstep gun! Hey! The one with the exclamation mark is fun! Saints Row 4 is one big exclamation point of a game, the open-world madness as pure fun bomb. Point.


Hui, Saints Row 4 The game has tiger. Actually already enough for a full purchase recommendation. Or is it? Well, there is also a narcissistic grenzdebil Saints boss as U.S. president with super powers, aliens, an open world with tons of side quests and dubstep gun. But what game does not?

Half an hour with Saints Row 4 is drawn as a single on the cord necklace full of moments, and the answer is always "Seriously, seriously?" No, seriously under any circumstances! Saints Row 4 is a grab bag full of madness, a slanted exclamation mark in italics, an open-world sandbox of bad taste. Those who remain mentally healthy because it has never been.

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