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Pikmin 3: Intro and gameplay video shows scenes from the Wii U game

In a filmed Pikmin 3 video you can see the intro and first gameplay scenes from the Spanish version of Pikmin 3 for Wii U, in its new features, new Pikmin and see more in use. We show you the eight-minute video to Pikmin 3 in the video stream of this message.

Pikmin 3 Gameplay

Pikmin 3 intro and gameplay scenes in the new video: In a video filmed gamereactorTV shows new scenes from the Spanish version of the upcoming Wii U game. Who would not want to experience the intro of Pikmin 3, of the more than eight-minute video looks at only at minute 2:30. Then you see scenes from the story mode of Pikmin 3 on the Wii U with new features and more. Thus, the player jumps with all his Pikmin on a water lily leaf - simply by pressing a button. The Pikmin follow it without falling into the water.

In addition, you can see the new rock Pikmin in action. This may not seem to be hurt by smaller opponents in Pikmin third We show that more than eight Pikmin 3 minute video below this line in the video stream. Recently, the first test score was known to Pikmin third Accordingly, the Japanese video game magazine awards Famitsu for Pikmin 3 whopping 37 of 40 points. The longer waiting time for Pikmin 3 for Wii U so seems to have paid off.

Pikmin 3 WiiU

Pikmin 3 Trailer

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