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PES 2014 introduces new developer video Heart-system in FIFA 14 competitors

In a new video Creative Producer Kei Masuda goes into the new system Heart of PES 2014. The focus is on both the emotions of the team and the fans that effect, according to the developer on the game. This should be noticeable in 2014, for example, at away games in PES.

PES 2014

PES 2014 Release Date

Below this line is a new developer video has been found to PES 2014. The video is Creative Producer Kei Masuda before the new system in the Heart FIFA 14 competitors. The focus is on the emotions of the virtual team and the fans. According to the developers, the system will aim to reproduce the effects of team support. The Heart system should be as noticeable at away games. For example, plays a team-mate poorly, the other players can rally around him and support him.

PES 2014 Trailer

A player a single, creative moment can be "an almost euphoric effect on all his team-mates have" the developers promise. A special atmosphere and the stadium atmosphere will provide. "A completely new stadium crowd blends with a unique AI system to an almost tangible game atmosphere," the developers say. More details about the new Heart system in PES 2014 you'll find the video below.

PES 2014 Gameplay

Many other news, videos and screenshots we keep on our topic page for PES 2014 ready. There you will also find first real gameplay scenes from Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, Konami showed during E3 in June. The release of PES 2014 is scheduled for autumn this year - a specific date was not mentioned so far Konami. The release is set for PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and PC. For PS4, Wii U and Xbox One Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is not on the market.

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