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Payday 2: Gameplay video explains gameplay of bank robbers shooter

Payday 2 game director David Goldfarb explains in a new video of the gameplay action shooter, addressing the new features compared to its predecessor. Payday 2 offers up to four players the opportunity to play the role of four protagonists to slip out of the first part and to pursue a criminal career. The game will be released in mid-August for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Payday 2 Gameplay

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In a brand new video explains David Goldfarb, the game director of Payday 2 what it is in the action shooter actually turns: In the role of one of four characters from the first part you go on a rampage and raid the banks and shops to you to enrich the stolen valuables. Here you are different approaches to choose from: either you go quietly and unnoticed by cameras and checked the building, or you sit in front of the main entrance just your masks on and puts the entire store in ruins.

Payday 2

Whether you rather preferred a low or high attention of law enforcement in Payday 2, is therefore up to you. Game Director David Goldfarb explained in the current gameplay video, the new role-playing elements: While you, the protagonists and their special skills were specified in the predecessor, you can in Payday 2 now the character, the mask and the arms adjust your expectations accordingly. Here you stand for your character next four different skills and optical adjustments. Goldfarb also says in the video that the bank robbers shooter lives of the 4-player co-op mode to captivate you from the screen. Payday 2 appears in mid-August for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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