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Oculus Rift: Developers Game Jam organized for new games projects

Because the manufacturer of the Oculus Rift are not only interested in the development of virtual reality headsets, but at the same time want to promote new games projects, Oculus VR, in collaboration with IndieCade a so-called Game Jam. For the three-week event to meet different developers to work together to create new projects for the VR headset. The most ambitious projects will be awarded with prize money totaling $ 50,000.

Oculus Rift

The developers of virtual reality headsets Oculus Rift focus not only on their highly anticipated product itself, but also want to promote new games projects. For this reason, Oculus VR held next month in collaboration with IndieCade, an organization to support independent developers, a so-called Game Jam. The three-week event is dedicated to designing designed for Oculus Rift video games. Here, several small development teams take to make innovative projects off the ground and at the same time to compete against each other.

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On 2 August starts the event, the participants will have three weeks to create a concept and develop a prototype of their game. The best projects are then rewarded with prizes of up to $ 10,000. Overall, a total of $ 50,000 will be distributed to support developers in their projects. In addition, the winners will get the opportunity to spend a day in Oculus headquarters and meet the developers of virtual reality headsets.

Oculus Rift Release Date

In the IndieCade festival, which takes place in Los Angeles in October, the best track is also honored with an exhibition. For more information on Oculus Game Jam , and the ability to apply yourselves with your team to participate, you will receive the official event website. Do you want more information about the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift experience, which will be released next year for consumers on the market, visit our overview page. There we will keep you informed of all developments and news for Oculus Rift to date.

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