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New Super Luigi U Preview - The same in green

Luigi is 30, and the anniversary donated Nintendo Mario's brother schlaksigem with New Super Luigi U its own adventure. Well, not a real, large, self-contained, but still a wide range of additional content for New Super Mario Bros. U . The addon will be released as download on the eShop for € 19,99 as well as a disc for almost double that. Who wants to play the download version, but need the main game, the box version comes for the higher price from without. An edition that contains the main game together addon is not planned.

New Super Luigi U

New Super Luigi U Release Date

It's a me, Luigi!

As the story in virtually every Mario game is the same, and Luigi gets no separate action. The cutscenes are exactly the same as in the main game, but Mario is missing. Therefore, the grĂ¼nhosige plumber jumps to rescue Princess Peach. Besides the history of the overworld map is the same as in the main game. The control is of course Mario typical: bounce, walk, run, repel the walls and change suits - in all this is his brother Luigi in nothing.

Tip for noobs 

Also we can play solo Mopsie. Who holds down in single player mode, the ZL-key while it starts a level that replaces Luigi with the hare. All the benefits of purple Karnickels included. A small restriction, there are: If Mopsie already hidden in a level with stolen goods, there must be played with Luigi.

On the contrary, it may even jump higher and remain longer in the air than Mario, but this comes from the sprint not as quickly to a halt. For those who are already hunted with Mario in New Super Mario Bros. U through the levels, especially the latter will end at game start screen in some deaths. Because of the longer Rumgerutsche have to get used only once, and therefore crashes are almost inevitable.

Short and sweet

Just like in the main game expect with New Super Luigi U beautiful, varied worlds with cuddly names like lemonade jungle or desert sand cake. The 82 levels in it, however, differ significantly from those we have already retaken with Mario from Bowser. Primarily, they are shorter and although similar in structure, but designed by the obstacles and enemies who stand in our way, completely different. Since they are usually only half as long as usual, we also have much less time.

We often start with just 100 seconds, and if we want while still reap all the star coins and bonuses are calculated only more than scarce. The reduced levels have it but not only because of the crisp timing in itself: the difficulty was attracted Luigi again for a bit. Right from the start the jump passages require accurate timing, the numerous enemies and sometimes even nastier. Flying, fire-breathing dog chain, for example, make the good-natured Luigi times quickly the hell.

New Super Luigi U Trailer

Competition in the Mushroom Kingdom

It gets easier because as usual in multi-player mode. An attentive companion to the tablet controller can intercept namely so many unfortunate crash with floating stones, let dangerous fireballs fizzle ado, here and there, and manipulate platforms easily umschubsen right nasty turtles. An experienced team often creates a level so that in less than 30 seconds. This expresses the total playing time, which will be in single player at around five to six hours, very nice.

however rest of the time we can invest in the grazing of hidden coins and secret exits. Of which there are in New Super Luigi U namely as usual some. The more friends but gather in front of the Wii U, the messier it gets. If up to four players cavort on screen and still sits on Wii U gamepad goes quickly once the overview flutes, and hidden bonuses fall short.

This governs the short or long competition zeal and rivalry. In the struggle for life items and we have caught us one time or another about to push a fellow of the platform or the red mushroom snatch him in his face. Of course, quite by accident, of course.

New Super Luigi U Screenshots

If not Mopsie pug

Even in multiplayer, there is a new feature: The hare Mopsie is playable. While he has yet Toad stole the items in the main game and we had to chase him through the levels, he is now making his debut as a multiplayer character. Where Luigi and the Toads colorful shrink from contact with the enemy immediately or at worst be a life Mopsie is virtually immune to Bowser's baddies. Without even getting hit with the scratches, he runs through turtles, Goombas, ghosts, and even piranha plants.

Power-ups do not affect his abilities, but give him the level end instead additional life. Especially for inexperienced players reduces the frustration factor in hectic multiplayer bustle. However, the thieving rabbit is not completely immortal. Against crashes, acid, lava and Zerquetschtwerden he is not immune.

New Super Luigi U Gameplay


Unlike many other addons Luigi must not at the expense of the graphic. Although it has no cutscenes, which is a bit boring for owners of the base game, his trip to the Mushroom Kingdom looks but still looks as pretty as we are Super Mario Bros. U of New accustomed to it. Brashly colorful worlds and sugar-sweet levels with scenic backgrounds exude usual Nintendo charm. The same goes for the music.

The well-known Mario soundscape conjures fans after the first few bars a smile on the lips. Spectacular new features not available in the area, however. Everything there is to criticize it still is the fact that Luigi's cheers are not quite as snappy as the bragging of his brother Mario.

New Super Luigi U Preview - Conclusion

The main game I have completely scoured down to the last coin and the last hidden world of stars and was almost a little sad when there was nothing more to discover. Therefore I love Luigi's trip to practically the same game world. Even if the controller with Mario to me is more, I've quickly become accustomed to Luigi, and since the gameplay is exactly the same, I was immediately back into it in the New Super Adventure. As an enthusiastic New Super Mario Bros. U players annoy me a little the same old story sequences, and as Mario pendant I miss snappy slogans like "It's a me" or "Mario Time". But comforts me about the difficulty somewhat crisper away.

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