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Minecraft: Xbox One edition - Talk to transfer game saves the 360 ​​version

Transfer of Minecraft Scores of the Xbox 360 version on the Xbox One? At present, apparently discussing Microsoft and the Xbox 360 Minecraft studio 4J Studios on the integration of Xbox 360 Scores for Minecraft Xbox One edition. At E3 2013 it was still, both games are too different to transfer Scores between the two versions.

Minecraft Xbox One edition

Minecraft Xbox One edition

Play Xbox 360 owners of Minecraft but their Scores on the Xbox One more? How Microsoft's Phil Spencer was announced via Twitter, Xbox One manufacturer is currently discussing with 4J Studios apparently via a transfer of Minecraft Scores from the Xbox 360 edition on the Xbox One. At E3 2013, but was still, the two versions of Minecraft for Xbox 360 and Xbox One are just too different for a data transfer to the memory stalls. After this statement at E3 there was some confusion among users and Xbox 360 owners.

Minecraft Xbox One edition

Whether it will ultimately be possible to transfer games from Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition on the Xbox One version is as yet unclear. When Minecraft Xbox One edition will be available, is also not yet confirmed. More details on E3 topics including videos, reports, and more hands-on you will also collected at our E3 Topics page . Once we have new details about the game in the stands for Minecraft Xbox One edition, we will let you know.

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