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Mario Kart 8 Preview - Peach is a crisp fruits

What you expected? Back to the Beginning, Tabula rasa? Pretty stupid would das. "Never change a running system" is the order of the day, the truth will be sometime in the next year again moor on sales that drive the blush Sackboy or Sonic and his All-Stars. Quite rightly, as it seems.

Mario Kart 8 Preview

How much you can say about a game of which you have only seen a fraction? On the other hand: Do you have "8 Mario Kart" ever played in order to be convinced of the quality of Fun Racers?

We put our cards on the table: When scan event in Frankfurt Nintendo showed only the bare necessities. A maximum of two players could simultaneously provide three routes to gas, only one with the necessary precision of the GamePads, the less fortunate fuchteligen with the Wii Wheel.

Besides Toadette had been no further additions to the lush field of riders to find and also of wacky new items still there was no sign. Only a few tanks, bananas and mushrooms were turbo for the fight against the eleven competitors.

As I said, just the essentials.

Mario Kart 8 Release Date

A colorful surprise

Much good has been said about "Mario Kart", with each new iteration a bit more. "Wow, this looks good!" Is not necessarily so. No duty to which I would have thought to use it in relation to Nintendo's Halli Galli-frenzy.
Mario Kart 8 WiiU

It was not a "Battlefield 4" - or "Witcher 3" graphic shock that hit me almost unprepared, and also you will not necessarily jump out a technical force of nature. The optical brilliance of "Mario Kart 8" is more subtle, because not reduced to bits and bytes. At least not exclusively: the constant 60 frames per second with an impressive resolution of 1080p, the basic framework for what will be next year at all of the previously knackigste kart racer.

It is not very easy to point the finger at these locations. Mario's cap was never of a richer red, the vision of the ever greater distances, the overall picture never clean. Is that enough? Basically, this may be the technological leap that you would expect on Wii U when changing from Wii (and actually already is no longer up to date), but even with this attitude it is hard to presenting their plastic and own credibility deny. It just looks "right" from.

Mario Kart 8 Gameplay

What is the difference between a Porsche and a virgin?

And it feels "right" to. The aft corresponds to a mixture of "Mario Kart Wii" and "Mario Kart 7". Nintendo refuses to questionable GamePad leaves of experiments and glider behavior, stunt boosts up for drifting almost untouched control every aspect. The latter is not necessarily a windfall added. On claim it is necessary skilled riders but not missing in HD - during the practice rounds, it was mainly Kart professionals who scurried across the finish line as the first place winner.

All clear so even upside down. The trodden during E3 feature of the anti-gravity sections is just that: a feature. In two of the three playable tracks the soapbox tires returned automatically to the outside, the DeLorean's has led the way. Who needs traction when you can slide? Looks cool, but has so far brought a playful little added value. A little carrier fails to navigate, the rest is F-Zero in less dashing and colorful.
New but well known to those sections felt to. In the best possible sense. Just like "Mario Kart 8".

Mario Kart 8 Trailer


"No idea," I should probably say now, uncertain shrug their shoulders and point to the limited face-arg option of "Mario Kart 8". Three lines, hardly items that previously only a new driver. A bit more would have to show their quiet, Nintendo. But why do unnecessary of firing powder? Let's make no mistake about it: The cash cow on kart tires will probably take all of it again in 2014.

The chances are pretty darn good anyway. Squeals the plumber only times his merry "It's-a go time!" And presses the accelerator pedal up to the stop, it's as if you never played anything else. Tanks firing as usual on the asphalt, smashed the front man and bring the poor wretch into a tailspin, Bowser controls are delicate as a truck with a blown engine, longer drifts can karts and motorcycles alike shoot them with a small turbo.
All the same, only new. So now halfway in really, really chic full HD. And with F-Zero-like anti-gravity sections. What is yet to go wrong?

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