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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes : Presented original cast

Stan Lee as Stan Lee. This sentence is in the credits of each Marvel production. So in the coming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, which will be published in the autumn for PC and various consoles. The developers have now announced the official cast list that has more high-profile actors and voices to offer besides the Marvel veteran.

lego marvel superheroes game

lego marvel superheroes video game release

In the fall appears to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes the next game with the popular plastic figures that you kidnapped this time in the universe of Marvel. Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games, the developers have now announced the full original cast of voice actors. As usual for Marvel productions it has also this time veteran Stan Lee can not take themselves to speak in a small cameo role.

lego marvel superheroes video game

lego marvel superheroes

But many other roles in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be taken over by well-known actors and voice actors. Clark Gregg as can be heard in its known role of Agent Phil Coulson. John DiMaggio, who was best known as Bender in the animated series Futurama, assumes the role of Galactus. Other well-known voices of Nolan North (Desmond Miles, Nathan Drake), Laura Bailey (Oriana, Kira Karsen) and Troy Baker (Joel Booker deWitt).

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game - Official Teaser Trailer

A complete list of votes announced by Marvel Super Heroes LEGO finds her at the end of these lines. In the action game that combines many Marvel Unversen, you take on the role of the 100 playable characters. Your goal is to hold Loki and other villains from building a superweapon. Manhattan serves as a venue, which is of course completely reconstructed out of Lego, including Stark Tower, X-Mansion and other important places.

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