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Left 4 Dead 2 - One can really only love - Readers test of CobraChristianity

The Story of the online Horroshooters Left 4 Dead 2 looks poor, but she sees in every online game. In the atmosphere, Valve could have put more effort and unrealistic to Left 4 dead 2 that, for example. the earth trembles when the tank comes and huge boulders tears from a wood floor or you will be grabbed by a smoker with a 100-meter tongue. However, I must commend Left 4 Dead 2:

Left 4 Dead 2

The special feature of Left 4 Dead 2 is that, in contrast to other zombie games played primarily with ranged weapons. In the majority of zombie games, there is little ammunition and therefore much Rumgekloppe. In Left 4 Dead 2 is not. Although there are now in part 2 also melee weapons (What yes it was not in L4D1) but the principle is the same. All in Left 4 Dead 2 is also based on pure chance. Today on the table 4 weapons, no morning. Today in the closet pills morning a Health Pack. Today, a Witch in the train, morning sitting at the station. Today, there are zombies in the house, behind the morning. Today, the staircase is a Horde Morning elsewhere. This is probably also the reason why you never lose the fun of the game. Hundreds of hours on a card, and you're still with vim and vigor. Users who already spent 3000 hours with the game, and they still love it. I already played 795 hours, my brother even 1541 (number of hours until 30.06.13) and does not believe that we lost the desire.

Mods And Downloads

For the PC version of Horroshooters there are both maps, campaigns and mods Versus matches as well. The biggest mod pages are and where you can download a vast mods and downloads. All for free by the community, for the community. With a little knowledge of English, you can even create your own campaigns, maps and mods.

Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay

Tactics And Team Play 

What many do not want to believe Left 4 Dead 2 is almost a monster in the team play tactics and team play, the A & O are. because of the error of each individual can lead to death of 4 survivors. But also the knowledge of the map is of extreme importance. You'll have to camp out here you have to run. Here you have another let down, save there. Who does not know the maps of the horror shooter, which it has initially not easy in L4D2. So it became clear to me in many situations I had experienced in Left 4 Dead second Some examples:

20 meters before the safe room and yet it creates no one there. One of the players scored for fun in a car, triggering the car alarm. Zombie hordes from all sides ... Not long it took to Bill and Francis lay dying on the ground, and the third, Louis followed. On the run to the safe room safe was also already a Hunter to me and lo and behold, all died, Kurtz vorden safe walls of a panic room ...

In the deep underground station it happened. One of the users accidentally shot another to the ground, a smoker, a Charger and thousands of zombies ... Suddenly we were all ...

While I, Louis and Zoey scoured the rooms below for equipment, ran in front of Francis. 100 meters away from us he activated the elevator without agreements or arrangements. The first was Francis who died, killed by the hunter. A little later came to meet us the zombies. 10 seconds it took ... I was ridden by a jockey, Zoey and Louis grabbed the Charger? who was killed by the zombies ...

Left 4 Dead 2 Wallpapers

The Community

In every game there are black sheep (in CoD white sheep are even more rare, D). But in Left 4 Dead 2 is particularly annoying as my examples show:

Versus ... Actually, the best mode of the game. On the other hand, you can forget it, for a harmonious Versus match is hardly possible with foreign players. The culprit is usually the behavior of the players. Makes a mistake it is widely trumpeted loudly "FAAAIL FAAAAAIIL OLD FAIL FAIL'' That proved to me Anyway, for many users. But even if one is better lying down than the other team and no Fails ... Best is the enemy team then quickly empty because their act together and suffered defeats that want the least ... For lanpartys or Friendly Matches the Versus mode but overwhelming.

Dek **** s, a user who complained because my brother and I have let him die. If we had tried to save him, we were clearly all died. But that was not interested in him, on the contrary ... In all our Steam group he joined to Always join of us in the match and to shoot us down. 5 times he came to us and kinky us the match. Internet terrorism for the poor? I do not need it much.

A shot at the car ... I could still save at the last second into the safe room, the other not, were injured. As the Horde was over was a still open: Leaving the Safe Room and all the while trying to save himself being attacked by a special infected, or remain in the safe room and let the others die? It does not matter what I do from, they always find fault. I go out to save her, I fail and then it says I can not. I stay in the shelter and let them die, it means I'm not a team player. But who is as above and croaked, because an apparently can not play? I?

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