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GTA V - The Bad, the Worse and the Weirdo

Currently, all manufacturers seem to be waiting that finally the new console generation is launched. The result is a game doldrums, as it is unprecedented for the last few years. All they are afraid of going under the shadow of the PS4 and next Xbox. Only one developer seems to be sincerely care: Rockstar Games. We have Grand Theft Auto 5 take a close look at a visit to London.

gta v collector's edition

There you show me not only a 30-minute live demo - even juicy verbal superlatives to my skin around the ears. The speech is, for example, the ultimate open-world game with the biggest vehicle and weapon selection, the ever in GTA. A game that "all our previous findings on the design of open-world games picks". Nobody expected that it would suddenly go off a small number, right?

Well, the action should now be familiar enough - Los Santos (aka Los Angeles) allows three (instead of one, as in GTA4) main characters on humanity going. Three types that might be at first glance hardly be more different. Yet Franklin, Trevor and Michael one more than they imagined: they are all controlled by us. From the beginning, we can freely explore the world with them, and subdue us.

Hat you change

The highlight: Almost any are we allowed to manually back and forth between the criminals, as long as we do not hold us in a mission. An example: Franklin is in a helicopter on the way, where we will be shown, the width of the playing area. Enormously is probably an understatement. I say it once with Rockstars words: GTA V is three and a half times as large as Red Dead Redemption - if one adds the underwater areas, offer even five times as much space for adventure.

Los Santos and the drum lying around rural region "Blaine County," therefore contain, among other things completely different areas such as mountains, rivers, military bases, beaches, farmland and deserts. Including dynamic day / night cycle and weather system.

GTA V Gameplay

Some of the splendor we will be shown close-up: Suddenly the shady debt collector Franklin jumps out of the helicopter and a paraglider floats on a rugged mountain landscape, which is crossed by a serpentine road. You can see wild animals running around the trees and cars drive on the mountain road. The landing is on a river bank where anglers have positioned themselves cozy. Two hikers with backpacks laden come to meet us on the slopes. How idyllic ...

A button later changed dramatically under the rumbling soundtrack to a short-term way satellite camera before we look at Los Santos as Trevor. Or rather half a dozen corpses Trevor is bloodied and injured, but why the sociopathic, former military pilot wakes up in the midst of such carnage, for the time being (s) remains a mystery. But it seems to have to do with a certain motorcycle club that you know d├╝rftet from The Lost and The Damned. Who lives in a caravan in the circle of dealers and motorcycle gangs, must be about stress probably not surprised.

Since the ne'er has always just nothing better to do, he grabs a Zodiac and cruises with him a little bit about the sea. Rockstar promises that the boat control to have been significantly improved. Some ships also have a diving equipment on board - which comes in handy for the next trip. Trevor grabs the equipment and jumps into the water, where the musical background music is played muted and the heavy breathing sounds heard it all the more palpable.

Suddenly an impressive shipwreck appears in view - it should give many such places to explore. Before we catch too many details, the dive is finished - well, because a few sharks approach that can certainly cause an end to the anti-hero.

Beaming is just beautiful!

Another push of the button and Trevor has to cope for the next few minutes alone with the situation - because if you so suddenly change the characters, the characters simply put their lives without us away. A few drum beats later and we see Michael walk out of a posh hotel.

On his walk over the Vinewood Boulevard, he must play the savior despite rather foul mood: A chick is harassed by paparazzi and needs his help. In no time he grabs her car and needs to outsmart the aggressive photographers with skillful maneuvers.

GTA V Wallpapers

Stupid that he does not recognize the shiksa ("Who are you?"), Which do not like this at all. When he says that he was not her chauffeur, she replies piqued: "Most men would kill for this opportunity!" Delicious.
Away from each of these adventures GTA V will naturally offer a myriad of different issues - such as mini-games such as base jumping, sports (yoga, golf, tennis), real estate purchase or different challenges (stunt jumps). The "raids" but play a central role in the gameplay. Instead of a linear story, they form the backbone of the open-world giant.

And here it is also where the three characters come together and "Heists" by pulling together. But it is not about plain crooked things the brand bank robbery - rather, each consisting of orders from several phases and will be carefully prepared: for example, the necessary equipment, linings or the escape car must be in the planning phase procured and a plan of attack to be concocted.

Character, Side!

The type of preparation is intended to influence the course of raids, says Rockstar. It can also happen that more than just three people are needed for a mission - which you have to recruit previously based on their abilities.

Speaking of talents: Each of the three main protagonists has special skills that offer tactical advantages in combat: While Trevor distributed more damage and more compatible than his buddies and mastered a unique melee attack, Michael can slow down time in shootouts. Franklin, however, can use this power when driving a vehicle, which is useful for Escape.

GTA V Screenshots

The mission "Lightning Play" I get only partially visible - especially to demonstrate the cooperation of the three characters. While Trevor settles at an agreed point in wait, Michael provides a diversion that uses Franklin to put a security van out of action. Each of the actions performed by the player in different roles - as well as in the subsequent firefight, in which the various positions of strategic importance.

Trevor can use for snipers or Abballern an approaching police helicopter about its elevated position, while Michael has the ground troops. Often, it should be possible to manually switch between the characters, which is occasionally also happen automatically.

Besides, it should also be a number of improvements to the combat system: We can now shoot from the hip, perform jumps and pike rolls, also dominate the heroes smoother movements when used from cover. Rockstar has also made an optimization of the crosshairs (red if enemy in sight - X when enemy dead).

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