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GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer in the Scenes Analysis

Like every GTA 5 trailer is the gameplay video hit like a bomb. The views are alien and make it clear that Rockstar has the most important game of the year in the quiver. We have looked at the trailer in more detail and even found a few details.

GTA 5 Gameplay

Updated on 11.07.2013   

The new gameplay trailer of GTA 5 many secrets and hints are hidden. The Grand Theft Auto games fraction from the experts analyze all home scenes in detail discover amazing features - from the AI ​​pets on sound waves on the mini up to possible fourth playable main character!

Original article from 09/07/2013

The long awaited gameplay trailer of GTA 5 is here. Seriously, does not provide the new information, but you can see for the first time, as Rockstar has numerous features that were previously only partially by screenshot imagine into the game. Thus, initially the first time a replica Los Angeles seen from above and it is shown also the area outside the city limits, which is called Southern California. The offers just about everything your heart desires: Large bodies of water, a river, plains, hills and mountain tops. Enough space to let off steam and go to open-world exploring. The recognition of the city is also very high. Who knows Los Angeles and its suburbs, which will be familiar to many a stain.

Good to see is that Rockstar has adapted the card into the left corner. Which is now not only rectangular, but also provides a Navi-like 3D view of the surroundings. The one will also need if you want to move in the enormous area that until the wilderness of canyons to camp everything seems to offer from the beach.

Characters and story seem again to be beyond any doubt. Rockstar has apparently taken at the famous GTA 5 bank robbery mission in GTA 4 and that stretched to an entire game. You might remember: In GTA 4, it was the bank robbery mission, among other things, that you played during the addons from different perspectives. This now works interactively over the entire game. The exchange between the protagonists in joint missions works quite obviously on the console version without loading time and is immediate. Rockstar remains true to itself and sends GTA 5 again completely coated reflection of reality, in which the company is pushing ahead with its nose in their own morass. The main characters can be clothed in shops and make-up in tattoo studios to Bad Boy.

GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer

Exciting is the integration of the three characters in the game outside of missions. It can quickly switch between them, a kind of bird's eye view. Then you do not get direct control over the character, but only allowed to even look into this mess which has just brought himself. So Trevor can visit on a flight that you can enjoy before you intervene. The three verlustieren can also enjoy a number of sporting activities, such as golf, tennis, skydiving, scuba diving, yoga, cycling, sport shooting or hunting. Great emphasis is also placed back on the interactive world, can be so also interacts with the population. The entire world has also made some life in detail by about air conditioners are not a static block more, but rotate. This is also reflected in the crews again. You can now plan missions by themselves and to recruit colleagues who have different strengths and weaknesses, and are divided into classes. To see it are hackers, Sagittarius and drivers with their own, levelbaren talents. Thus, especially the raid missions to an exciting, always new playable element. From the stolen money can then buy luxury goods such as houses and cars, or one squanders the coal in the stock market.

Good to see in the trailer is also the smorgasbord on moving vehicles, helicopters and airplanes to customizable cars. Who is fix on the go with the pause button, you can glimpse a lot about the new weapons menu. The basis of which can be assumed that the character can only carry seven weapons plus fists. It now is a typical circuit console menu. The weapons are also now changed and have features such as damage, fire rate, accuracy and range. It is also interesting that in a video wall is destroyed. Whether this is just a copy of this or you can now generally lay more solid institutions of the city in ruins, is open. In the aftermath here is the question how sustainable that is. The damage model of cars, however, is very reminiscent of GTA 4

Finally, it is pointed out another 5 Online GTA to which it soon will be a single video. To identify drivers are already on the road, probably from a multiplayer team that has just served in a bank and makes the bend. GTA 5 appear on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on 17 September 2013. PC and next-gen consoles are not officially confirmed.

Background to GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5, or Grand Theft Auto 5 is the next part of the famous GTA series by Rockstar. The game is now officially announced in September 2013, the fifth part appear after several postponements and show significant changes compared to the previously published Grand Theft Auto parts. Grand Theft Auto 5 is being developed by Rockstar North and to set new standards in the Open World - again with a multiplayer part.

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