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Gran Turismo 6: demo next week for free download

Sony has announced a demo for Gran Turismo 6th The test version of the new PS3 racing game is already ready in the coming week on the PlayStation Store for download. Gran Turismo 6 in the demo you injected via the virtual Silverstone Circuit. The test version of GT6 can be Download up to 31 August.

Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition

As early as next week is a first demo on PS3 Gran Turismo 6 as download. Such as Sony tells about the PlayStation Blog, the trial version can be the new racing game on Tuesday 2nd Download July, from 10 clock. The Gran Turismo 6 demo is available as a free download and can be played by any PlayStation 3 owners. In the trial version you are allowed for the first time the virtual Silverstone Circuit in Gran Turismo 6 explore - the track has already been presented to the announcement of the new racing simulation.

Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition

According to Sony's Gran Turismo 6 demo is like a GT Academy Driver Training structured, in which you gradually anlernt you the necessary skill that you need to control your cars with maximum speed through the corners. There is also the possibility to record your lap times in the rankings in the test version of Gran Turismo 6th "Once you have proven your skills and managed the first round, you will unlock special bonuses," wrote Sony's PlayStation blog.

Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition

The demo of Gran Turismo 6 is to 31 Soon to be available as a download. The full version of Gran Turismo 6 will come later this year exclusively for PlayStation 3 on the market. A specific release date has not been announced by Sony. In addition to new routes and more than 1,200 cars, the developers promise a new engine for Gran Turismo 6 For the first time players can also create their own custom vehicles. For this, several thousand parts and tires. Supplied by Editor can in Gran Turismo 6 even own routes are created.

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