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Final Fantasy XV - producer Hashimoto Action focus of the new Final Fantasy

In an interview at E3 final fantasy XV producer Shinji Hashimoto referred position to the action-heavy focus of the next FF: the mechanics yoke simply better to part XV, future offshoot of classic gameplay would therefore cannot be ruled out.

Final Fantasy XV Initial Shots

 Square Enix' Final Fantasyseries is one of the most successful game series of all time. The two Final Fantasy XIII parts about could selling nine million copies worldwide stately. Still, the developer and Publisher seems to understand a change of course: more and more title of the series move more in the direction of action. With the presentation of Final Fantasy XV (formerly FF versus XIII), that in places more like Devil May Cry looking as to final fantasy, unrest among the fanbase is spreading slowly.

Final Fantasy XV Nomura

We took the chance and asked Shinji Hashimoto, the producer of final fantasy XV and for many years their share of responsibility for the FF and Kingdom of hearts games, whether the classic Japanese RPG perhaps fails at the present cost of production?

Final Fantasy XV Shinji Hashimoto

The first reactions of the fans on the new final fantasy XV trailer seemed sometimes to be very disappointed. Obviously, many have hoped for a more traditional game mechanics. Is it difficult to develop a classic turn-based final fantasy in today's game market?
"I don't think that it is necessarily difficult to develop this kind of game. We at each part of the series on the new decide what game mechanics suits. I of course hope that our traditional fans did not disappoint our decision in the case of final fantasy XV is. , so Hashimoto.
That we wanted to know more: the team goodbye so not the classic gameplay. Even a multi million production such as final fantasy can put on a classic, turn-based gameplay. Correct?
"I think there is a future for the action-based games as well as for the turn-based titles. It really just comes the action-based gameplay is better suited to final fantasy XV.
In short: A future, turn-based final fantasy is cannot be ruled out, especially final fantasy XV Square Enix considers the impact of action but for matching. The trailer showed Square Enix at Sony's press conference, but is now confirmed that the game also for the Xbox one should appear. When exactly, is still in the stars.

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