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Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns - Described the fourth continent "Wildlands"

Square Enix has more details on Lightning Returns - Final Fantasy 13 published.

Thus, it is now known that the role-play a fourth continent called "Wild Lands" contains. This comes up with an open game world in which you can ride on a chocobo to explore the game world.

Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns

In addition, you are also in the religious-dominated city Luxerion go. There you worked more or less as a detective because you are a killer on his heels. In addition, there is the young lady vanilla followed by a religious group called "Salvation Council".

The continent "Dead Dunes" is a large desert landscape dar. Here you discovered many ruins and treasures. In Yusnaan you meet on the ice-snow fighter. Although Yusnaan offer several attractions, but is equipped with a strict time limit.

Final Fantasy 13

In addition, there were, according to Square Enix still more areas that you can discover it by the end of the main story, reported the English side Gematsu .

In addition to the youth Vanilla Hope also enters the stage again. To him, it is now known that his youthfulness was a gift from the gods.

Final Fantasy 13 Screenshots

In addition, you can change in Lightning returns the look of your characters. So you can change the colors in a costume and playing around with another with the accessories and adapt your wishes.

However, you can not change weapons and shields. There are 70 weapons and discover over 100 different businesses. The shops change the way the time their offer.

Final Fantasy 13 Gameplay

Lightning can also carry six items at the beginning of the game only, which, however, still change with time. In addition, there was only one end, making the Lightning saga came to its conclusion this time.

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