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Expeditions Conquistador Review - Spanish conquest with depth

From the jungle: Add Expeditions: Conquistador meet tactically challenging battles and successful role-playing elements on a weak presentation and annoying little things.

Today you travel to the Dominican Republic, there to experience the Caribbean vacation. In the 16th Century saw the different. Lured by the Spanish conquerors ruled gold on the island, enslaved and enslaving the natives. In this serious issue puts you Expeditions: Conquistador.

Expeditions Conquistador Review

Expeditions Conquistador Map

The developer Logic Artists rely on a mix of turn-based strategy RPG. Her as the main character leads an expedition group, composed of ten members. Here you explore around, the graphics simply staged islands in the style of Heroes of Might & Magic. Once your very concise movement points are used up, you have up camp. Your distributed tasks such as hunting, patrolling, gathering herbs and plants to manage your crew. The expedition members each have different strengths and weaknesses, so you have to prove a skilled hand in the management group.

Expeditions Conquistador Map

Expeditions Conquistador Gameplay

This starts with the compilation of your gang: doctors are weak in combat, but heal wounds and poisoning. Hunters are ranged and important for foraging. Scholars create items such as tents or manufacture medicine. Scouts and soldiers form the backbone of military. To survive in the jungle permanently, therefore it requires a well-mixed group. Relevant information, whether your character selection is now effective or not, there is not.

Expeditions Conquistador Trailer

Quests you will receive in settlements, there can also drive trade. The tasks you perform criss-crossing the island and you deny again and again turn-based battles. Also reminiscent of Heroes of Might & Magic - the battlefields are small, checkerboard-like areas, which are competed their maximum six fighters let. During the two campaigns (Hispaniola and Mexico), many dialogs and random events liven up the game. Then you are required as expedition leader, because you have to make decisions. These act to different degrees on your companion. Peaceful-minded people react as outraged if it solves a problem by force. Aggressive companions, however, impressed by such behavior. Playful goes Expedition: Conquistador fully in order. Pity the poor technical presentation and the lack of fine-tuning in terms of balancing and camera control.

Expeditions Conquistador Review - Conclusion

Marisol Costales, Alejandro Pintado, Francisco Figueroa - even if I have the name of my crew members still can not tell them apart right at the end of the test, it was an exciting trip to the Caribbean jungle. The crisp battles and the many decisions made for the RPG part soothing draft, as well as the more serious issue of the Spanish conquest. In the design of the menus and the overall control but lacks the finishing touches. Even the sluggish and extremely crisp entry will not taste any. But certainly the slim price and decent game scope.

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