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Civilization V - ruler of the world thanks Shoshone-Pop

MONSOON KAHN satisfaction leans Pocatello, the great chief of the Shoshone back. Just did Ahmad al-Mansur, the fifth Sultan of the Saadi in Morocco, admitted that now his people, thirsting as the last of the earth, according schoschonischer pop music. World domination has been achieved - at least in the strategy hit Civilization V - Brave New World.

Civilization V Strategy

There are computer games in which alone makes the announcement of an extension package, the heart beat faster than some brand new blockbusters. The "Civilization" series of strategy guru Sid Meier is one of them. For 22 years, discover and conquer tactics inventors as Alexander the Great, Caesar Augustus, or Napoleon Bonaparte the world. They trade, forge alliances, fight wars - in pursuit of becoming the leading civilization of the world.

Now, with Civilization V - Brave New World, roam not only nine new races, including chief Pocatellos Shoshone, the virtual globe. Goethe and Edgar Allen Poe, Mozart and Verdi, Monet, Picasso and bless the world with their creative efforts. The mounted Comanche Indians proud of the people, however, can remain in the stable. "Why shed blood, if the world can dominate even just by looking at Monet's 'Water Lilies' at the palace depends," said Pocatello think.

Civilization V Review

Cultural bustle on the map

Because of the "cultural victory", a way to make the world subject has never been this much fun as with Brave New World. Had to be so far, increase an abstract cultural value, there is now cultural goings on the map. In guilds great artists, musicians and writers are trained. The world trembles with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, sends you to the famous composer of concert tour to other countries. Residents of all countries admire Mr. Homer's Odyssey's amphitheater. The Epic can be the realm of the Shoshone are a magnet for tourists.

Civilization V

With "Brave New World", the second expansion for Civilization V, released in 2010, the Softwareschmeide Firaxis has done many things right. "Civ V" is now (almost) the game that it always wanted to be. Much-needed depth and gameplay are grown, it is a pleasure to witness the flourishing of their own culture and to be active as an art collector. Archaeologists can be sent on a reconnaissance trip, and track it at locations of previous battles ancient treasures and artifacts.

Civilization V Brave New World

Diplomatic intrigues

Also be "BNW", the short name, also beat the diplomatic heart beat: Had previously an easy build only the United Nations, where voting World leaders succeed, the diplomacy has become much more complex. The "World Congress" now comes already with the invention of the printing press into play. In our case, Shoshone chief Pocatello has had to explain to the world the Protestant religion by skillful diplomatic intrigues, the autocracy to world ideology. Unwelcome opponent as the unscrupulous warmongers and Aztec emperor Montezuma, he finished with a trade embargo and a control for standing armies until the once-dreaded Jaguar Warrior mutinied.

Those who prefer the generals out returns to dominate the world or developed his kingdom to the leading scientific nation, this course may continue do. New playable nations such as the Zulu with its dreaded Impi spearmen support the more warlike approach. Pocatello which nothing can abgewinnen - after he has this crazy world tamed by the cultural superiority of the Shoshone, he relaxes in his tepee first to the sounds of Antonin Dvorak Symphony "From the New World". "Civ V - Brave New World" is for 29.99 euros (RRP). The basic game is already available from 10 euros on the internet.

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