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Borderlands 2 - announced two new DLC packs, another increase in the maximum level

Gearbox has indicated its first-person shooter Borderlands 2 now, as in the run, announced another DLC supplies. Among other things, this will once again raise the level cap and add new bosses in the game.

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A few days ago, developer Gearbox already stated that even if with Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon's Keep now the fourth and final story DLC for Borderlands 2 was published as part of the Season Pass, is still far from closing with supplies. Now the studio has already let the cat out of the bag, what exactly belongs next to us. There even are two DLCs, but none of them will come up with regular new areas and quests.

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Number one is the "Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2 upgrade." This in effect makes the same as one pack and raises the level cap by 11 levels at once - than level 72 Added a new field called "Digistruct peak," in which it is a "Challenge Map" with new challenges and objects. Appear to beat the DLC this fall and again at about 5 euros. Unlike the first upgrade pack this does not seem to be part of the Season Pass.

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The second DLC is an 'Headhunter Pack "with the title" TK Baha's Bloody Harvest "and contains a new quest in conjunction with two fresh boss opponents. Firstly, the eponymous TK Baha, the fans from the first Borderlands will probably know, and a giant pumpkin boss with the euphonious name of Jacques O'Lantern. To appear the Headhunter pack also in the fall, more packages of this type are to follow later. A price has not yet been determined here.

Exceptionally, however, free up new possibilities for character customization and extensions of banking and ammunition capacities should be submitted via update in the coming weeks and months.

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