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Animal Crossing - New Leaf Humble Review

With Animal Crossing: New Leaf celebrates Nintendo's animal small town life has its premiere on the 3DS. What distinguishes the recent series shoot and if he could pull us under his spell once more reveals the test.

Animal Crossing Review

Feeder to City Hall

Also in New Leaf decides to move players in an idyllic small town with familiar faces and bodies: Real Estate Raccoon Nook cares as usual to build houses, drag and rip operate the grocery store, the Hedgehog Ladies Sina and Tina tailoring while owl Eugene once more managed the Museum . , but this time it is not only one of the residents but equal Mayor of animal community. As such, you can place orders or regulations enacted to take effect eg on shop opening times, price levels or even beyond the local cleanliness of their own land construction projects. In addition, you can even design a town flag, compose a city melody or reprimand problem citizens. Except for the choice of the next, as always largely financed out of pocket embellishment in the form of fountains, benches and cafes you have but little to do as mayor something and even with urban design and development, there are no obligations or requirements. A story or a game not end there.

Animal Crossing Wallpaper

Stress not only

You can do what you want, when you want. It is only necessary that, in parallel to the real time events also change the day and year in the game - in real-time: Taking early in the morning on his 3DS, is also in the game early in the morning and most of the inhabitants, unless otherwise prescribed, be still in the springs. In the evening, it begins to dawn in the game, ripe summer fruits zoom in autumn sprouting mushrooms, etc. Also, seasonal festivals and birthdays are celebrated, tournaments and discounts organized, opened new facilities or expanded. Depending on the time of day and season you can catch various fish and insects. First and record catches are thereby held in fishing books and, like always next fossil finds and acquired works of art in city-owned museum exhibit. Whoever is happy to get creative, can also have its own clothes and fabrics Upholstery design. Even in the parks you can lend a hand and make disturbing trees, or planting new flowers and implement a water well. Fruits and beets can be harvested, picked up seashells on the shores, dormant minerals are mined stones.

Animal Crossing - Stress Not Only


For party animals, there is even a night club and the model village you can see the homes of others via StreetPass Met player survey, visit the snooze house even strangers worldwide cities. But common city tours, shopping or correspondence are still only possible among friends. Törtel only on the tropical island you can with like-minded people from all over the country to meet and have fun. So you can talk via text chat, present its most extravagant outfits or linger with different, even alone absolvierbaren mini games such as hide and seek, grave memory or Praise diving. Actually a nice pastime - but the mini games are mostly just variations otherwise repeatedly exercised activities and overall not very spectacular. Also matchmaking and communication capabilities are rather modest. Nevertheless, the island is always good for a visit, even if only to check the current offer souvenir or to listen to the heart-rending vocal arts of the ferryman.

Animal Crossing - Socialize

Charming Monotony

Otherwise, the babble of fellow sounds more like hasty Tastaturgetippe. The background music is so relaxed and loose as the game itself is also always discover attention to detail and interactive features, such as furnishings or that one begins to stumble, if you stay on your feet for too long.

Also the AI with a neighbor grow their sayings and quirks to the heart. They visited each other, making each other gifts, and even leads correspondence. Implemented with the screenshot function can also hold each event figuratively, and then publish to transfer images via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. Nevertheless, the daily routines become more seasoned, the monotonous activities, the less surprises. Above all, the series is offered to connoisseurs little new. Moreover, it would have been nice to be able to come together with more than three other players. The range of Community activities is much too low in the long term. This one would just be creative here, create features, can tear down barriers.

Animal Crossing - Charming Monotony


The 3DS premiere of Jurassic Park, like its predecessor, an uncommonly charming microcosm that is constantly despite similar tasks like visiting again and again. One builds, planted and maintains its own small town, where you can even mayor this time, and goes to all sorts of side jobs. Making arrangements with virtual and real friends, helping each other, play together and shows of course proud of what you have collected everything and created. However, the new mayor brings little additional tasks and also otherwise you have seen and experienced almost everything in the predecessors. After all, you can now easily meet with players from around the world who enjoy playing or exchange on home and fashion design. Although the fascination is no longer as great as even the GameCube debut nine years ago, but also the animal 3DS neighborhood grows one inevitably to the heart.

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