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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 10 tips for happy mayor

How do I earn money? What can I bring as mayor? Is that really all what to do? These are just a few questions that are answered here.

We have 30 useful tips for the new "Jurassic Park" game "Animal Crossing New Leaf" compiled that will help you make the most of the entertaining Nintendo 3DS game. We start with the simple and work our way to the more complex. One thing is clear: the game is huge.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Do not run

Please only run if it can not be avoided. You just jogs near rivers and trees, it certainly scares fish and insects, which otherwise could have caught. In addition, the grass is always less, the more you run. If the first trails are visible, you can replant the only places with flowers or trees to protect the bald spots. The growth of grass can however is very tedious. We recommend a relatively early stage to create paths and walk along to this.

Habit of a daily routine

First, you should water every flower of the city, to prevent their withering. We have all the flowers planted in an area in order to make this task easier. Then you can shake all the trees. Randomly fall out purse here. In addition, each day five trees have a bee colony, the fall out when shaken and two trees covered furniture. Furthermore, one should look for cracks in the ground. Digs to these places with his shovel to, commonly found fossils for the museum.

Hew the rocks

Every day is hidden in a small rock the city budget. Simply cut with the shovel on the rocks. The trick is that you have to grab it fast again, once you've carved on the rocks and a purse is blown. Because it can jump up to seven bags here, (the "Animal Crossing" currency) are worth a total of 8100 bells. However, one has to only a limited time. This is easier said than done, because after each stroke you bounce from the recoil. However, before you dig a hole behind, you will not be affected by recoil.

Moreover, in a rock per day precious stone is hidden. If you edit this rock with the shovel, he zerspring and submit a gem free. This can either sell for a few thousand bells in the mine or give Björn, who then produces gem-colored furniture if it provides him with both.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

All create the New Museum

This is perhaps obvious, but many forget the museum just at the beginning of the game. Every time you a new species (whether fish or insect) begins, you should bring them to the museum. Even if these are still so precious and rare, and one is tempted to sell it, you should give preference to the museum. This avoids the one that you have to sift through its lists after some time to figure out what is yet to donate, and on the other one on special tools and new house designs free if you donate a certain number of creatures. It is apparent that you've caught something new, because the character wonders what is in the encyclopedia to catch.

Buy a cabinet

One can decorate his house as you want, and must not be theoretically even a bed set (you must not sleep anyway because you simply pause the game and can finish with "Save and Exit").

Nevertheless, we recommend that you provide at least a closet in the house. There are many different styles, so you will definitely find one that suits the house. The cabinet is for the temporary storage of things indispensable.

A cabinet can hold up to 180 additional items, so you can easily keep in several, related to mood matching outfits, extra furniture or items for sale (if the mine has just closed). The cabinet is also with other storage cabinets in the village, including those at the main gate and on the second floor of the museum, linked (a bit like the item boxes "Resident Evil").

Animal Crossing New Leaf Wallpaper

Change opening times over regulations

As soon as one the Mayor holds powers (if you bought the game at launch, you should have it now), you can command public Bauarbeitsprojekte and enact laws.

You can only activate a regulation. We recommend either the early risers or night owls regulation, depending on when you play more. With the first three hours all the stores open earlier than usual (but close at the same time) while they remain open longer by the latter three hours.

These regulations are useful when you have to commute in the morning, for example, or like playing in bed late at night.

Alternatively, the cleanliness Regulation is perfect for faulere players who want a pretty town anyway. It ensures that residents watering plants and that there are no cockroaches or weeds.

Patience, the shopping area is still developing

If you bought the game recently, the main street might look a little bare. "Animal Crossing" was not designed for fast-paced game. You just have to play as normal, and everything will improve with time.

Any improvement is based on certain criteria. So we switched the next free shops (who would like to find out for yourself, you should go to the next tip) :

  • Towing & Nepps store: The second stage loading is achieved after having upgraded his tent to a house and has spent 12,000 bells either 15 or purchased items from the shop.
  • Corny Joke Club: A day after reaching the second loading stage, Dr. Samselt is wandering about in the city. He asks for permission to build Club puns. One must then gather for a petition and pass the list Dr. Samselt so he builds the club six signatures of villagers.
  • Nursery: When you run 30 nursery tasks (for example pouring flowers, plant trees or weeds) is built Gerd's nursery. There you flowers, trees, watering cans and equipment purchase.
  • Shoe store: Schubert chic shoes will be opened, after being mayor for ten days and spent 8000 bells in the store the Schneider sisters Sina and Tina. It then takes three days, until the shoe store is built, so do not panic.
  • SchNeppchenmarkt: After you have spent on the second level of drag & Shop store Nepps 25,000 bells and both the store and the nursery for ten days there in the city, the market will be upgraded to the third loading stage.
  • Beauty Salon: After Schubert's shoe store has appeared, you have to spend a total of another 7,000 bells in the shoe shop or in the fashion business of the Schneider sisters. When you have done that and the shoe shop is open for at least a week, the door above the shop by Tina Schneider and Sina will open to Trude beauty salon.
  • Charge Level 4: The fourth upgrade to drag & Nepps shop will appear after it has issued a total of 50,000 bells there and the store has existed for at least 21 days.
  • Nook & Nook Shopping World: After the fourth stage shop was built, Grazia appears repeatedly on the main shopping street. They must impress four times, spent 100,000 bells & Nepps shop in tow and he must have been opened at the mall for at least 30 days. Then finally obtained with Nook & Nook shopping world over several floors of the largest shop of the game.

Using the catalog

When you reach the second loading stage, you get access to a catalog (the red, looking like an ATM machine in the corner). This is useful for several reasons.

He offers as a handy list of all the furniture, walls, floors, clothes, songs and fossils that you have ever owned. If you want to "Animal Crossing" complete, the catalog is the equivalent of the Pokédex. One can check that if you have already owned a certain item before you buy it.

If one does not own an item, but would like to have him back, you can order almost anything from the catalog at the normal price and it will find the next day in the mailbox.

However, not all items can be ordered in the catalog (some rare items and trophies are for information only listed therein). These rare items so you should keep in the closet because it might be difficult to recover them again.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

The ATM is not completely useless

At the post office there is an ATM where you can deposit bells. At first glance this may look like a waste of time, since most of bells on it either go for the upgrade of the house or to finance public projects. It is nevertheless useful to deposit rest of money because it pays off in the long term.

Every time when the account balance reaches a certain milestone, you get a rare and unique gift. Expect the following things:

  • 100,000 Bells: Handkerchief
  • 500,000 Bells: letter set
  • 1 Million Bells: Piggy Bank
  • 5 million bells: aluminum case
  • 10 million bells: Poster of the post office
  • 20 million bells: safe
  • 50 million bells: cap suppliers
  • 100 million bells: ATM

Additionally you'll get 0.5 percent interest for the first of each month. So once you have reached the account balance of 100 million bells, you just get 500,000 bells every month on top of that. The investment is worth it in the long term.

To beware of Rainer

Rainer is a sneaky fox per week sets up a tent in the city once to sell four precious works of art.

There are two problems: First, you can only buy one piece of art from him, and secondly, most of them are fakes. You get hold of a real, you can donate it to the museum (or sell for a lot of bells), but the fake are completely worthless.

It can be seen fakes of small differences to the real art objects from the real world. The painting of the Mona Lisa is really as if your fingers are pointing in the right lower corner. In Rainer's fake they show in the left bottom corner. If you are not familiar with the art world, should stay away from Rainer so.

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