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WWE 2K14: features and details leaked by dealers?

A Canadian merchant has released new information about WWE 2k14 features. These also reveal some fresh features from future wrestling titles.

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Until the start of WWE 2k14 the wrestling fans have to wait a bit. Finally, the latest offshoot of the series is only on 29 October 2013 in stores. By the Canadian traders Future Shop but several WWE 2k14 features were already known. An official confirmation of the information is still pending, so these are to enjoy a bit of caution.

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But the new and hopefully genuine product information show not only the WWE 2k14 features but also allow first estimates, which are in 2k14 WWE will change everything. And that there will be changes, because there is actually no doubt after it was revealed that 2KGame will be responsible for the latest installment together with the Japanese studio Yukes. Among the new WWE 2k14 features include, among others, that the player can select wrestlers from the WWE pantheon of legendary stars in the future. This means that in the next part even more fighters will be available for selection.

In addition, the promise just surfaced info that there will be new cool visuals. In addition to various camera angles, these are the use of historical video and image recordings and detailed cut scenes in WWE 2k14. Among other things, but also the sound should be improved so that the reaction of the audience is straight and has a noticeable impact on the fighters.

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