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Thief - we get no second chance, if the game is not a financial success.

Developers seems Eidos Montreal to currently solid under pressure. Should a financial failure be the stealth-action game thief, which will have significant consequences for the brand. And possibly also for the Studio.

The development of including pre-production and so are associated designs of thief known for several years in progress. Accordingly, the project has cost probably also already some Publisher Square Enix. And the company is known since the last financial year not sure to be particularly happy with sales like those of Tomb Raider (3.4 million in the first three weeks after release) at the latest.

Thief 2013 Wallpaper

Accordingly, one can imagine what pressure on developers of Eidos is Montreal, where master thief of Garrett's new journey is created. Producer Stefan Roy said in an interview with , that it could allow no errors in thief. You could make no compromises and would have only these a try.

"We can not simply say ' Oh, we're sorry. We have botched it and try it again.' No, so is that do not work. We can make any compromises, but must deliver a really good product. We must work closely with marketing to ensure that the message of the game clearly matters.

Thief 2013 Wallpaper

Eidos Montreal was clearly under pressure to deliver a financially successful game. To ensure that it would be very important to attract the lovers of the brand:
For thief is to make that it is indeed a thief game people understand the most important. If we stick the thief sticker on the box, it is because we respect the franchise. It's much like in Deus Ex: human revolution a few years ago: we have the same kind of pressure to bring back a game, what does the franchise justice.
In concrete terms this means: thief early 2014 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox no financial success and should be 360 Xbox one, that could be been in the long term the last adventures of Garrett. And also on the developers at Eidos Montreal itself which could have a massive impact. So, Square Enix recently reduced by IO Interactive's team a full 50%. Here, the success was the Publisher of Hitman: absolution also too low.

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