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The Elder Scrolls Skyrim - Legendary Edition in Test

The point at which you joking about the bad weather, saying that it was indeed a good time to play, we probably since yesterday behind us. And so we want from the editors simply all who are affected by the floods, that they keep your feet dry, or should it be too late, that soon everything comes back into balance.

An ideal game for long evenings is Skyrim anyway. Especially when presented with the Legendary Edition on Friday. After the developer announced that on Dragonborn no further official DLC to follow, which is now the edition have been waiting for those of you who want to have everything on a disc or in a package. All official add-ons and of course Skyrim itself.

Here are a few considerations on the individual components of the big picture:

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim
Test from 10.11.2011

Wow, it's been over 18 months back? Does that mean that Elder Scrolls 6 is only one generation and 3-years away? Children, how time flies ... I wrote that I can understand every joy, love, devotion and veneration that Skyrim is met with. I remember back then, my first Elder Scrolls. It was exactly the same. And this is a little problem if you want because after looking at what the endless expanse of the North country. Skyrim is technically current, and beautiful in all archaic epic that only fantasy can be granted, a sprawling edition of the most enduring series.

The mechanics of Prügelns with sword and ax have practically not changed since 1994 and the spell has been adjusted only marginally. Flying is no longer so simple. But otherwise, you felt as a veteran, a little too quickly at home.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

But it does the connoisseur of territory that intersect the horizon in the unknown distance to hide castles, ruins, mountains, canyons and wonders, do not bother. It is the venue, which itself is the big star, long before all the actors in it. Skyrim would be an art project I would attribute to him the intention to give the player the Bedeutungslosigkeiten the actions of mortals. You've never for a second suspect her this majestic wilderness of ice and stone dominate ever, tame or you can make subject. You will come and go, the land of Skyrim is still there. To convey this feeling of power of a landscape, at the same time to provide the details of the design, which can be found in Skyrim is a massive achievement.

Unfortunately, it is also the problem of quests, stories and acting in the world. Hardly a game takes less notice of big exploits. You have struck down by hand on dragon peaks, are master mage and warrior werewolf in personal union, you had a hand in the dark deeds of the thief and assassin guilds. You are the tragic hero and his fiercest opponent in a body. Faced with such a figure can from king to ordinary farmers down the AI ​​mind just surrender and at best, offer one of four prefabricated phrases. Your actions are yours alone and maybe it should also be so to the great heroes.

However, this does not mean that you could not descend deep into the virtual culture of the country. Only in competition with the best of what 40 years computer role-playing games brought forth, trying to Skyrim any gap in the imaginary history with stories, legends, myths and mysticism to fill. It weaves a dense carpet on which below you sure can, if you wander through the world to meet an impossible number of NPCs, large and small, to hear their stories and to solve problems. A pantheon of gods and demons full of mystery, intrigue, and powerful artifacts awaits its discovery to promise you power and collect the price for it. The world of Skyrim is alive, in four dimensions. Past and present as a result Speilwelt closed, as you will almost never find them otherwise.

the elder scrolls skyrim wallpaper

This may not be right for everyone. Comparing it with The Witcher 2, it can not keep up with the intricacies of retail, but it's just too big. It has not been so tight story, his own character is a blank slate, mainly perpetuates itself for you in spirit. There you hardly expect irreversible decisions that affect the story, like all Elder Scrolls Skyrim is before him a very different approach. This involves even further than the already open Ultimas 90s by letting you do everything you want and whenever you want. The almost automatically results in hesitancy in his own character and the reactions of the environment. Of the great problem of the many arrows in countless knees quite apart.

Skyrim is very, very own. At least if you look at it as the current iteration of the Elder Scrolls, and much larger than those associated cosmos. This allows the similarities with its predecessors in the mechanics also easier to justify. It's not your game if you want to be told stories. It might not even your game if you want to write a story. But be their discoverers, who can not stop them before they do not know if it is not to slay a dragon behind the next hill to dethrone a king to rescue a farmer or are listening to a legend, it is without equal.

Test of 10 7.2012

The first add-on was a little story about vampires and vampire hunters. The fact does not exist in Skyrim without Dawnguard. Was that a loss? Meh. I could not very well, but where are werewolves, vampires must be probably. It's almost stencil cutting, what's happening here. Vampire Castle on one side of the card, vampire hunter fortress on the other, they meet in the middle thanks to a sinister plan to flood the world with Vampos, each other. You are right in the middle, but fortunately not alone. A slightly renegade, somewhat obscure vampire is by your side, so you know one of the more interesting NPCs in the saga for a while at a safe (?) Nearby.

One or the other it will certainly irritate that you can even ascend to the vampire lord with their own skill tree. Although that is not as quite as powerful as hoped out, but offers a lot of fun while vacuuming of entire villages, you should be after. Draw werewolves in terms of the equality with new skills with not particularly legendary "legendary" Dragon randomly appear on a mage and can now shape the face of the new character on request, if you simply can not see his own visage. The two faction strongholds fell like a short trip to one dimension dead souls rather unspectacular, but at least you can speak a little to the researchers a new area, a forgotten, mysterious and quite large valley.

Dawnguard is ok and in this edition eh automatically on the quest list. Plays, rejoice and good.

Test from 5.9.2012

The add-on for heroes who have everything. In three different provinces, you can purchase a defined land and build a house there, by fixed rules, to then fill with whatever you have. Furniture, treasures, marriage partners and vassals, all happily under one roof. It's nice to have a home, it is better to call his own and three at the end of all dragons and legends still like to get back there. One will love it, the other did not even notice that it is installed.

the elder scrolls skyrim hearthfire

Test from 05.12.2012

The third Elder Scrolls add-on is always the winner and Skyrim is no exception. My travels in mysterious circumstances known from the third Morrowind add-on island of Solstheim to clarify there, what it has with the people themselves, who are from one day to the other everything and let lie, a huge temple to build.

The island itself is very exciting series for connoisseurs, Dragonborn plays but much later than Morrowind. This little journey is supplemented with a number of small quests before you can plunge into the great task you then. And boy, this is a quest! Skyrim finally leaves his familiar theme to throw you into a parallel world of books and Lovecraftianischer beings to negotiate directly with one of Deadra-demons. It shows another aspect of the complex world of the gods vividly. Actually, there is only a minimal impression of the demonic realm Beyond the Elder Scrolls, but it's enough for one of the greatest adventures, the series ever offered you.

the elder scrolls skyrim dragonborn

An island, a strange Netherrealm, dragon shouts and the new - very limited - ability to call a dragon, and then to ride. A successful conclusion.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim version 1.9

The version of Skyrim included on the Legendary Edition is the latest 1.9. Of course it fixes a number of minor and sometimes major bugs. For this purpose, it includes the ability to learn skills legendary, if you grew up far enough in now no longer limited level system. Call it a kind of endgame content, and the other never far only one hundred hours should be interesting for most players beyond. Big playful added value arises from this. Will you be brave, you can now also test on the legendary difficulty, and I'll be the better. The combat system is not accurate enough to me to work on Dark Souls level.

On the PC, the contents of the Legendary Edition is of course not the end of the flagpole. There are a huge number of mods and extensions created things from players that can keep you thousands of hours on the monitor.

Skyrim Legendary Edition

The Elder Scrolls were with their mixture of one part is a very accessible action combat while a felt infinite game world in which you will simply exposed, has always been a loner. On the one hand there is this tight narrative structure of world history that is unparalleled and only rarest finds, on the other captivate the least the actual quest actions really. And a view of the highest peaks of the infinity of the country makes you forget everything for a moment.

the elder scrolls skyrim legendary edition

There is nothing that is comparable to Skyrim. Some say a good thing, it does not need more than one. Others want this cold country eh never leave, so they do not care if there is no other. Were you, is not because the Legendary Edition is a good starting point. Skyrim matured by its small refinements that Fehlerchen ironed out and the varied expansions. On the PC, it is thanks to the community and become a cosmos of its own - here again a bow and a thank you to all who invested thousands of hours, often with great success. More ice, snow, mountains, heroes, dragons, dungeons, magic, swords, mammoths, giants, assassins, kings, beggars, vampires, werewolves, demons, arrows in knees and adventure will you as quickly on a single disc no longer find.

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