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Tekken Revolution - first impression

As of today, the Free to Play is available from Tekken. Reason enough to take it more closely.

Tekken Revolution - First Impression

The Characters

The game contains eight characters. Among these are:
  • Lars Alexandersson
  • Marshall Law
  • Prototype Jack
  • Leo Kliesen
  • Asuka Kazama
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • King
  • Lili de Rochefort
It is possible to earn through leveling seemingly more characters. Details of the conditions are little known at the time. Characters are apparently enabled by the poison points in the game.


The netcode is known already from Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Soul Calibur V and excellent implementation that allows very good connections. Compounds from three bars (out of five) can already play relatively well. However, one should note that domestic connections as well as to the immediate neighbors of Germany produce the best results here.

The Coin / Ticket System

The free to play in Tekken revolution funktoniert on the following principle. The game offers 4 items to which can play modes:
  • Arcade Coins (maximum 2): Arcade Coins are used to the arcade to use fashion. You get a coin every 60 minutes and can store up to second
  • Battle Coins (maximum 5) : Battle Coins are used to deny Ranked and Player matches.
  • Premium tickets (maximum 999): Will be used to play any of the three modes. you win a Ranked / Player Match, then you get a premium ticket as a reward. You lose in the sense none. If you lose, then resulting from the combat experience levels are higher than usual, the playthrough of the Arcade Mode provides a ticket as a reward.
  • Premium Credits (maximum 999): Premium Credits can be used exactly as the tickets to directly play all modes. You can buy on the Playstation Network. See the prices in U.S. Playstation Network (at the time of the article) as follows: 4 Coins - $ 0.99 / 10 Coins - $ 1.99 / 30 Coins - $ 4.99.
Tekken Revolution Coins - First Impression

The level poison Points Fight Money System

The levels are based on the system already known from Tekken Tag Tournament second You also receive gift points (Poison Point), adding new features (characters) are unlocked. With the additional money received (Fight Money) you can make your character in three areas of Power, Endurance and Vigor stronger.

Special Bonus & Deals

The game rewards regular attendance and playing with bonuses that are issued on the same day. The sign in bonus for the second day brought the following bonus:
  • 100 Gift Points
  • 10,000 Fight Money
  • 1 Premium Ticket
It is anticipated that further rewards will follow in this form to the players continue to tie the game. Current Promotions and conditions for bonuses appear after starting the game in an Information Box.

Game modes

The game features the outset four main modes: Ranked Match, Player Match, Arcade and character enhancement.
  • Ranked Match: Ranked Match In matches can, as usual, deny, increase their own level. You can make your search for the already known from Tekken Tag 2 criteria rank limit, limit connectivity and voice chat refine
  • Player Match: Match the player can search sessions and adjust according to the options known from Tekken Tag second Has as one of its own players name is red and you can not only watch Battlestar coins.
  • Arcade: The arcade mode is a way through several rounds against the CPU to level. The resulting dots (and money) is compared to a match line is very low.
  • Character Enhancement: As mentioned here can make more of its own character. This happened about the fictional Tekken money from the other modes. Here you can also redeem points against the poison characters.
Tekken Revolution Modes - First Impression

Character Enhancement

As already mentioned, is the essence in three areas to improve. These are:
  • Power: Here you can improve the strength of character. This happens gradually over a certain amount of money (currency fictional Tekken 'G' from other modes)
  • Endurance: Endurance determines the length of the life bar of one's character. You may also be increased over amounts.
  • Vigor: Vigor is a value which represents the ability to land a counter hit or to get into the fashion rage. The ability to land a counter hit is according to the internal help in the fight calculated from the Vigor own and the opponent's
Tekken Revolution Character Impression

Tekken Revolution Engine

The engine of Tekken Tag 2 appears to be taken at first sight. The Bound mechanics and mechanics day cease to exist. EX like this were installed versions of existing moves, which are faster and have seemingly invulnerability. They allow their properties very interesting counter options and combos that those original (with Bound feature) not much inferior to. More detailed information on the date (day 1) not possible and will be discussed in a possible additional item.

Criticism & Conclusion on release day

  • Practice Mode: The main point of criticism is coming up: There is no practice mode - at least not from the start. This is in view of the fact that you want to attract new players interested to play an extremely big mistake. Even if the practice mode should be unlockable by playing this means that the new players will have to struggle through the long Try and Earn without knowing what his character is. The whole thing is especially critical when considering Ranked and Player Mode into consideration. These make up 2/3 of the game content. The game displays only some of the new "EX Special Moves." The Arcade mode offers at least a chance to look into the Move list to look into. However, this is of little consolation.
  • Free to Play: The Free to Play system seems to be somewhat limited at first sight, which is not surprising large. The countdown for the condition of Arcade and Battle Coins are set very high, at 60 and 30 minutes. An experienced player lands on dry very quickly and have to wait or just resort to micro-transactions and buy coins. The choice of 8 characters is quite well done. However, it is questionable when the game allows that one can love his originally played Tekken unlock character.
  • Matchmaking and Online Fashion: The matchmaking works, as in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Soul Calibur V very well and provides a very good online experience. However, you should be aware that a good internet connection is a prerequisite of both partners. However, a permanent online connection is required for play (even arcade).
  • 2 player / Versus Mode: Not available.


Tekken revolution is a pretty interesting concept represents where it is further maintained and extended, so that the player on the ball. However, the announcement and the very speedy release date leave questions on the raison d'ĂȘtre arise. Compared to Tekken Tag Tournament Tekken Revolution performs very weak. It does not have Versus. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is also available free and already everything the game has been touted by the producers that it provides almost all the important content available for free from the beginning. In addition, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 moves currently priced at 20 euro mark. Anyone who has a serious interest in Tekken, should rather resort to Tekken Tag Tournament second

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