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Star Wars Battlefront is not Battlefront 3 - DICE creates own interpretation

After the announcement of Star Wars - Battlefront at E3 in Los Angeles to face the question many players, like a Battlefront could look out of the hands of DICE. The developers confirmed not only that there is no Battlefield in the Star Wars universe to be, but also one's own interpretation of what constitutes a Battlefront. Therefore, you also waive to the number in the title of the game.

Star Wars Battlefront 2013

At the E3 Press Conference by Electronic Arts, the developers at DICE have to work on Star Wars: Battlefront announced. The creators have deliberately omitted a digit in the title, since the new Battlefront is to be not a simple successor Battlefront second Instead, the developers at DICE want to implement their own interpretation of how they think should be Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront 2013

Star Wars Battlefront 2013

"This is the interpretation of DICE from what should be a Battlefront. This is the best description you can get. There are definitely things in the previous Battlefront games that will recognize her, but DICE wants to bring in his own perfume brand. That's the only way we can do that is why it is also called Star Wars:... Battlefront without a 3 at the end we want to testify to the fact that it is something new But again, it is very Star Wars and be cool " said Patrick Söderlund.

Much has been not about Star Wars: Battlefront is known except that the developers put on the Frostbite 3 engine and the game for PC, to appear Xbox Playstation One and fourth Recently, the makers also stressed that the new Battlefront not just a Battlefield with Star Wars look to be. Instead, to create a worthy remake of the brand.

Star Wars: Battlefront Official E3 Preview

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