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Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunding project ever

Just before two weeks we had already reported that the crowd funding campaign to Star Citizen has cracked the mark of $ 10 million.

Since then invested diligently, so you have now surpassed the sum of $ 10,266,844. This record was previously held by Pebble namely, the e-paper clock for iPhone and Android.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Currently offering approximately $ 10,750,000 Star Citizen is therefore now the most successful crowdfunding project of all time and an end time being seems in sight. Current one is on its way, soon the hurdle of 11 million to overcome.

Had begun the crowdfunding campaign in October 2012, only on your own website, then additionally via Kickstarter. Fairly quickly it had gathered the necessary sums.

By Chris Roberts investments would in turn stimulate additional interest from private investors. In the end, the game will cost 12 to 14 million dollars.

"I can make it at this price, because I do not develop within the system," said Roberts then. "When I would do within the system, it would be over 20 million."

Star Citizen in 2014 appear for the PC, an alpha is planned for late 2013.

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