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Sony announces final hardware specifications of the PlayStation 4

Sony has full hardware specifications of the PlayStation 4 E3 reveal after his pleasing show, which gives us additional details to understand the capabilities of the new hardware.

The central key figures have since our last report not changed. The PS4 uses eight low-power AMD cores based on the architecture of future Jaguar (for the PC it appears the end of the year), and working with a Radeon GPU architecture, the braces 1.84 TFLOPs computational load. This figure confirms that the GPU 18 has arithmetic units, each 800 MHz. While the Xbox One more or less confirmed to have 12 of those whose clock rates have not yet been officially confirmed. And although there are rumors that the core could be clocked down, put our current information does suggest that it runs at the same speed as that of the Sony console (we go just one last, definitive source in this regard after).

PlayStation 4 Final

Similar to the Xbox One, a 500GB hard drive is installed in the PS4, which is not necessarily surprising, considering that these units currently offer the best value for money. The difference, however, is that you can replace the HDD on the PS4 with a commercial the other hard drive (which apparently also includes SSDs). The design on the Xbox One different because users can not swap this HDD itself. On MS-side, meanwhile, increase additional USB 3.0 ports on the storage capacity connecting external devices. If one keeps in mind that Blu-ray can bring on both consoles up to 50 GB of data and installations is required on both devices, this disk could in any case be very, very quickly.

Now about the used optical drive we have hard facts. There is a CAV 6x Blu-ray drive. CAV stands for Constant Angular Velocity, which means that the disc rotates at the same speed, no matter where the read head is straight. This means that the data is read much more quickly in the outer area of ​​the disc than in the inner. This was for Current Gen games of significantly greater importance (they ran most of the disc), as opposed to Nect gene, where installation is required. To make the gaming experience as uninterrupted as possible, download games the bare minimum and then install the rest in the background in stealth method, so to speak while playing already.

PlayStation 4 Final
This component reaffirms a key element in defining the PS4 hardware: Your so far never seen 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM. When you consider that even the most expensive consumer graphics card for the PC that does not keep up, you can assume that Sony accepts this investment with large financial losses. But in the long run it should pay off. Basically speaking, the more RAM is available, the more future-proof the system.

  • Product Name: PlayStation 4 Jet Black
  • Product Code: CUH-1000A Series
  • Suggested retail price: U.S. $ 399, Canada $ 399, Europe € 399 349 and UK pound
  • Main Processor: Single-chip custom processor
  • CPU: AMD x86/64 "Jaguar" Eight cores
  • GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, next-generation AMD Radeon based graphics Arte
  • RAM: 8 GB GDDR5
  • Memory: 500 GB hard disk drive
  • Dimensions: Approximately 275x53x305 mm (width x height x length)
  • Weight: about 2.8 kg
  • Optical Drive: BD x6 CAV CAV DVD x8 (read only)
  • Input / Output: Super-Speed ​​USB (USB 3.0) port x2, x1 AUX port
  • Network: Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) x 1, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)
  • AV Output: HDMI output, SPDIF Toslink
  • Content: PlayStation 4 system, Wireless Controller (Dual Shock), mono headset, power cable, HDMI cable, USB cable

Sony also has the exact dates of the four PlayStation Eye camera and the Dual Shock 4 announced, including the price of $ 59/54 pounds respectively, $ 59/44 pounds. No surprises on this front, but we made ​​it tight with some disappointment that the PS4 uses a "AUX" connection to the console. Too bad, it would have been great to have a 60/120/240 FPS camera that you can connect it to your PC. Is also noteworthy that the PS4 will be sold with a mono headset, the audio output of the controller but supports true stereo.

This is the only analog audio support, which is found on the PS4. As with all Xbox One major AV outputs of the device are exclusively digital - both have the support of SD resolutions and HD analog component removed, HDCP-encrypted HDMI is the only option here. Those with older surround amplifiers is pleased that it is at least Tosling SPDIF support for stereo and surround, even if 5.1 formats (Dolby Digital, DTS) were apparently not yet been confirmed.

Now that the PS4 hardware data are largely known, the only question then remains, which are taken advantage of CPU and RAM resources of the OS. Guerrilla Games last Postmortem regarding the unveiling video of Killzone: Shadow case suggests the two CPU cores for the OS are reserved (something of which we were told that it could still change, but it is currently working), but the amount of GDDR5 memory, which is used by background processes remains unknown. However, we know that 512 MB was the goal when the PS4 anpeilte another 4 GB system memory during development. Current rumors say that this has doubled to 1 GB. Guerrillas also contains a postmortem memory map that identifies approximately 3 GB of "free" memory that may be assigned by the OS. An unconfirmed theory is that the game DVR, the material absorbs game while playing, may write to a RAM disk, which would save disk bandwidth. 15 minutes from h-264 encoded 1080p video could take up to 1 GB of RAM to complete. But some would probably argue that it would be a waste in such a powerful memory for an application like this to use. You would at most about 2 MB / s bandwidth devour during the PS4 GDDR up to 176 GB / s creates.

Elsewhere, the only remaining major next-gen mystery fully revealed in the hardware key figures of the Xbox One - an aspect of the console hinblicklich Microsoft has not just been courteous. Many of the details we have from the first performance of the device assembled themselves , but hard numbers about what lives inside the black box would be really welcome. We suspect that Sony's transparency in this regard could well be that it knows that it has a significant hardware advantage over the Xbox one. A situation that is not without a certain irony, considering that it was the superior graphics technology of the Xbox 360 and its memory bandwidth, which helped her to get an advantage over the PS3 in so many multiplatform titles.

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