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Shadowrun Returns: the release date for the 25th Confirmed in July

Shadowrun return will be for PC and Tablets 25 Appear in July. It was also announced that the entire campaign is expected to be released for the Game Editor. With the announcement of the release date a few new screenshots were shown.


Steam over the development studio Harebrained Schemes will release her Sci-Fi Cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns. The date has now been for 25 July set. The developer will be the first studio to a game that has reached a seven-figure sum at Kickstarter, publish. Overall, the campaign had been funded through Kickstarter developers Harebrained Schemes of 1.8 million U.S. dollars.




In addition to the publication date, the developers have also announced that they will release all the files for the editor. It is published the entire campaign in the editor format. The idea is that players can take the campaign developed by the studio as a starting point for their own stories. Or you can use the editor to his own campaign to create. According to Jordan Weisman, founder of the developer, this should be the first game editor that is added to this extent, free to play.

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