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Playstation 3: Sony apologizes for problems of the firmware update 4:45

The firmware update 4.45 for the PlayStation 3 leads after installation to serious functional problems. This is shown in the official PlayStation forum in which affected users speak out. The installation of the software can obviously lead to a brick. Sony apologized for the resulting "inconvenience".

Playstation 3 Update

The update from 11:19 clock found at the end of the article

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, 19 June, released Sony  the firmware update 4:45 for the PlayStation 3 . It was not long until the first users complained on the official forum of Sony massive problems. Apparently the update installation leads many users to a so-called brick the console: the PS3 after the update so largely inoperable.

Update results in Brick

Forum report many users believe that it is impossible to update, shortly XMB to load XcrossMediaBar. After turning the system simply hang on in this process. The thread this is now 75 pages long. The problem, however, does not seem to appear at every PS3 user. Some succeeded the update, according to the comments in the forum, without an error message.

Sony has not yet been publicly expressed, the delivery of the update but stopped as among other things on the blog PlayStation Lifestyle to read. The official forum a user reports also assume that Sony will release a patch during the day. However, this information is not confirmed. Furthermore, it is unclear whether users are affected in Germany. The official forum is not a German entry to find currently. A corresponding net world-request at Sony running.

Normally, the new version of the firmware is supposed to provide to new notification options for trophies and more system stability. All PS3 users worldwide network device from which the firmware update to install 4.45.

Update from 11:20 clock: Sony apologizes for problems

In an e-mail that there is net world, Sony has now apologized for the problems that arise after the firmware update. In the official statement, it says that the reports are known. According to the manufacturer, it just comes down to a "small number" of systems for Brick.

Nevertheless, Sony has withdrawn the update to check the cause. "When a system update is available for download, we will officially announce this as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience."

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