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PES 2014 - First teaser trailer for FIFA 14 competitors

Konami has released the first teaser trailer for the expected be released in autumn 2013 PES 2014. Gameplay scenes there but do not yet see.

Since what feels like an eternity Konami and Electronic Arts once again deliver a race every year for the crown of football simulation genre. While Pro Evolution Soccer a few years ago was ahead, could catch the FIFA series in recent years more and more and in the meantime even withdraw some of the competition.

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PES 2014
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, the Japanese plan to turn the tables again. Intended to help the new Fox Engine. A new teaser trailer Konami indicated his upcoming offshoot of the PES series for the first time officially. But to see it are not yet have a specific game scenes. But probably leave some animations and textures, the hope for a highly realistic graphics. , it is probably more in the 11 June 2013 to give out starting E3 in Los Angeles.

PES 2014 Official Teaser Trailer

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