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Nintendo gives insight into the localization of Animal Crossing - New Leaf

Now it no longer takes a month to Animal Crossing - New Leaf in Europe is published for the Nintendo 3DS. Then we had to actually wait about seven months before the game hits in the West after its release in Japan. This is certainly also the fact that the countless words and dialogs of the game had to be translated into all relevant languages.

animal crossing
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animal crossing
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Nintendo, the game will certainly also apply sensible, which also requires a certain amount of preparation time. Furthermore, a limited edition bundle including a stylish Nintendo 3DS XL and the game in digital form appears on the release date. Today Nintendo of America has prepared a special video in which the parties to the localization teams talk about the extensive translation. It leads you through the Bill Trina discussion, you should already know from past E3 presentations. Although the video refers to the U.S. version, but should bring some interesting facts with you anyway.

More characters for Animal Crossing - New Leaf

Nintendo has the 3DS Facebook page published information on other characters, the one in Animal Crossing: New Leaf will hit. The figures include Mabel Reese, Cyrus and Sable. Mabel works in the Able Sisters' tailor shop. Want to try their new designs that will be available for your specific needs, it is your contact person.

Reese and Cyrus operate a business that is called Re-tail. Cyrus is the expert when it comes to refresh furniture. You want to change the color or shape of an object, you can trust him with this work safely. He can also build special items for you if you are in possession of the required materials.

The last of the bunch is Sable. Mabel's big sister and she is therefore also works Able Sisters' tailor shop. Sable's shy at the beginning of a new creation or busy to sew, but if you run each day with Sable a conversation, they will thaw after some time.

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