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New "Prince of Persia" announced for Summer 2013

"Prince of Persia" video game series is one of those who can look back on a fairly long history. At least the first part of "Prince of Persia" was released in 1989 for the Apple II, and has since repeatedly for small catered revolutions in terms of graphics and gameplay in the platforming genre. The second part of 1994 will now find its way to smartphones and tablets in the summer.

Prince of Persia

Has brought the iPhone on the market at least since Apple in 2007, the game industry to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets used to more often. After all, there are also games graphically and technically better and better titles to purchase, the best example of this are likely the two GTA titles from Rockstar Games have or Minecraft. And "Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame" now comes another tidbit of video games on smartphones and tablets, with Ubisoft with exact details are still holding back.

After all, there's a first teaser, showing scenes and announces the first release for the summer of 2013. Real retro fans but hardly come at their expense, as Ubisoft has the second remake of the "Prince of Peria" title underwent rejuvenation in terms of graphics. But the same remains are history, content, and the platforming gameplay of the title. As in the classic 1994 you have to save as the nameless Prince his favorite princess from the clutches of the vizier Jaffar.

What makes the trailer is unfortunately open next to a precise date for the publication, for which platforms the "Prince of Persia 2" remake will actually appear. Will there be another addition to iOS and Android implementations for Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS 10 or maybe even for other platforms? How big the game will be what hardware requirements the game and how expensive will it be? All things that Ubisoft will announce shortly before publication. Until then you can watch also the first "Prince of Persia" fun for Android.

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