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Need for Speed: Rivals - Gameplay Demo E3 in video

Publisher Electronic Arts has an extensive gameplay video for the upcoming Need for Speed: Rivals published in which the trial is shown from the E3 press conference again in detail. You look like a player participates in a race while a friend tries to be a cop in another race. After some time they both collide and suddenly find themselves in a multiplayer race.

Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed: Rivals was presented by the developers of Ghost in the E3 press conference by Electronic Arts for the first time with a gameplay demonstration. The demo of the upcoming racing game we have now, so you also get the video for you a more accurate impression of the fight against speeders cops. You see, as the player with a Ferrari Berlinetta travels through the open game world, until he starts a race at an intersection, which begins immediately.

Need for Speed Rivals Cars

A short time later a second player enters the world of Need for Speed: Rivals and turns out to be a cop in a second racing. Additionally, you can see on a map how to move the fields of both races together. After both single player events have taken is the race for both players for the multi-player experience where the speeder suddenly has to deal with his friend in the police car.

Need for Speed Rivals 2013

For both sides are in Need for Speed: Rivals various gimmicks available with which they can obtain respective advantages. These include nail belts, air support or the EMP for the speeders. In our hands-on test for Need for Speed: Rivals of E3, we have summarized our first impressions of the racing game for you.

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