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NBA 2k14 - Trailer E3 shows first gameplay images with Next-Gen graphics

The first NBA 2k14 trailer with gameplay scenes are just full throttle and allows a view of the next-gen version of the upcoming basketball simulation. Of course, cover star and NBA flagship LeBron James is not missing in the video.

Even more realistic and detailed animations, a significantly revised facial expressions and LeBron James in the quasi-soliloquy with its virtual counterpart - this is the NBA 2k14 trailer from E3 briefly summarized. At Sony's press conference the organizers presented a new video with gameplay first images from the PlayStation 4 version of basketball simulation.

nba 2k14

nba 2k14

The predecessor of 2k14 NBA have not only playful steadily developed in recent years and garnered much praise from critics and fans. The entire presentation of the title could be confused with an actual basketball transfer from the U.S. television more and more. With the power of next-gen consoles, this development will once again make a big step forward, as the NBA 2k14 trailer promises.

NBA 2K14 - Next Gen Reveal

With LeBron James on the NBA 2k14 cover the makers of the title have to secure the well-dominant basketball player of his generation. Whether the game itself continues to claim as its predecessor, however, remains to be seen, because with NBA Live 14 , the last few years rival Electronic Arts dares pausing at least one on Xbox and PlayStation 4 back on the Court

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