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NBA 2K14 - LeBron James's cover star

The basketball game NBA 2K14 will not be for the current and next generation of console - but for the Wii U. Also 2K has now introduced sports LeBron James as a cover star.

As the Publisher now officially has announced 2K Sports, the basketball game is NBA 2K14 both appear to consoles of the current and the next generation. However, there will be no version for the Wii U.

NBA 2K14 Release Date

Jason Argent, Vice President of sports operations, said in an interview with the magazine GameSpot, that this decision especially in terms of available resources was made.

"We make this year a version for the Wii U. We have taken the decision internally that it is better to insert the resource to a really terrific game for the current and to develop the next generation. And we want to withdraw none of these resources that will create an incredible experience for all platforms."

NBA 2K14 - LeBron James

Also made 2 K Sports now the official cover star for NBA 2K14 before. It involves LeBron James, who currently plays as a small forward or power forward for the Miami Heat. In the last season (2012/2013), he was for the fourth time an MVP (most valuable player) awards.

NBA 2K14 will be October 1st, 2013, for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox one.

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