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Mad Max Preview - Motorized Avenger

A game implementation of time revenge thriller sounds super Mad Max for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one: like a mixture of fallout and Grand Theft Auto. First gameplay footage, however, dampen our anticipation.

Mad Max Preview

We make us Nagel: the scene from the movie Mad Max, which all remember, goes like this: the handcuff which you chained to this burning car up, is made of stainless steel. You need about ten minutes to saw through them - but if you're lucky, then you can make it in five minutes, to cut through your ankle. "
The desolate desert of Australia, the fleet cart, the brutal crashes - all well and good, but the dirty nasty conclusion of the end times revenge-thriller was at that time all freshly made Mad Max viewers could talk. What no one has said: "I wish it would have more to do with the auto-tuning.

Pimp my ride: Badlands-style

Or at least almost none, because as we at E3 for the first time behold the title screen of Mad Max , the imagery makes immediately clear, what is at stake here: in second place to Max, something moved in the background and first and foremost to his cart.

Of the designers Magnum Opus baptized bolide is the true avatar of the game. It can customize and Pimp, it is thick and wide in the foreground, as if it were the first edition of» need for speed: Postapocalypse to admire - a title for which we would be peddling our grandmother without hesitation on a pack of mad Raider bandits.

After the big announcement of Mad Max on the Sony E3 press conference, the attention of many players was piqued.

An end times scenario, a lone Avenger and a booming, highly motorized car: should you not also like what because?

But after we an early version of the game at Warner Bros. Interactive were allowed to examine, we have doubts that the game deserves its great appearance.

The developers talk about a modern interpretation of the template, meaning typically no good. The first impression after in this case.

Mad Max Preview

Rams instead shoot

Mad Max, so at least the initial impression, does justice to his template at least in one respect. It is an open-world game, the action races such as from Twisted Metal combines with third-person action.

According to the film template but not concerned, to fight a duel as mobile weapons platforms for example in rage or Interstate ' 76 : motorized melee on the old fashioned tour is announced.

Enemy vehicles be rammed so long until they pass away in huge explosions.

Thankfully Max disappears here but not completely anonymous in his car. Instead he appears again and again in appearance, about, he shoots the enemy riders with the shotgun from the tax or welcomes bandits with leaden handshake when they jump on his hood.

Mad Max Preview

The cleanest petrol waste

In a first demonstration of the game, our hero through the endless Gendarms of destroyed Earth chases after a fuel convoy. Unlike in most other songs this way there is no power-ups to collect.

Max must come out with what he winds during a visit in his private workshop in the car. This can be better tires for more grip, or a giant drill which we undergo enemy vehicles of a root canal treatment.

What sounds more or less authentic, then but quickly goes down the drain. Not only that Max chases a whole truck full of precious fuel in the air without emergency, otherwise the Red barrels piled up in the demo, as if it were a doom level.

While trying to lift a bandit stronghold in a dry dock, Max - blasts - equal several fuel depots in the air now on foot, to eliminate enemy snipers.

It is petrol in the world of Mad Max in fact together with water the most precious resource at all. The whole premise of the film series is based on that tend go to the oil reserves in the world and the civilization on the basis of the following energy shortages in the chaos descends.

Mad Max Preview

Max, the executor?

The second cornerstone of the film series is, of course, Max Rockatansky, gradually bringing the murderer of his wife and his little son to the route described above to the final.

Due to lack of license he does not sound like the young Mel Gibson, but naturally it has never missed a game, to capture at least the brutality of his template or Excel.

Also not Mad Max. When attempting the Bandit fortress to overcome, shoots are our hero through small hordes of attackers and deterred also not, opponents in close combat dead to literally beat.

The so-called make for the right Knalleffekt Thundersticks, explosive Spears which can RAM Max his adversaries in the chest, where they explode shortly thereafter. Uncut shows in Germany? At least doubtful.

By Max as a character, however, was to see no trace. Together with a deformed mechanic as a sidekick, he is reflected by the fiery, is gearing up his car and carried out various missions.

Who is this newly interpreted Mad Max? What drives him, what is his story? We still don't know all of this. Accordingly it may be natural that we the avalanche sanction studios still lies, and at the end of a remarkable epic of the end times bring about. Basically Yes there are enough good approaches.

Post apocalyptic Boaah factor? Absent

For example, the concept art current prior to the presentation of the monitors showed a whole bunch of really stunning game environments.

From the dried out lake bed of the "great white region «, from which the skeletons of whole oil tanker peaking, to a Canyon over a huge, half-crumbled statue perched like the Cristo Redentor in Brazil, were to be seen absolutely fantastic landscape designs. By a similarly atmospheric implementation in the game, each track was missing only so far.

It is therefore hard to believe that a really good game is actually out of Mad Max. The displayed action appeared to any - on foot, as well as on the road.

Mad Max Preview

Mad Max Preview Conclusion

Dealing with the source material is likely to anger not only fans of B-movie hits, but shows simple little tact, what is the fascination of the films.

Mad Max, so as we have seen it at E3, acts as a game that has turned its license not from passion into equity, but because as a license provides for more attention and more revenue.

Very particularly with a further movie in the making. Until the appearance of the title is it still quite a while, which is why we of course need to restrict, that our forecast can be wrong as completely. To arising new positive indications, we are once skeptical.

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