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Legends Stand Alone: ​​Time for the alpha release is fixed

Ready for publication is the alpha version of Legends standalone yet, but it has now set a date for it internally.

"I think the most important question to ask a lot of people, the following is the release date," said Dean Hall during a live demonstration of the current version on the Rezzed event on the weekend.

"We have now set a date - a period covering about a week."

However, he did not reveal this: "We will not tell you when that is the case, because we wanted to publish the first access to 50,000 keys in several steps, but then decided to do everything together," he explains Therefore must. but only be available the necessary architecture that one can cope with this.

dayz standalone

dayz standalone

Probably you are now so carefully because you had spoken in the last year of a release around Christmas of 2012. Similarly, you can feel the pressure: "We really feel the need to publish the Alpha and to get feedback from the players on the current state."

The more time passes, the more you can also work in reverse also in the project and improve it further. A graphical quality as ArmA 3 you should not expect, however.

He also spoke about a number of other systems, such as the ability to remove the blood people, to inject a saline solution or to find antibiotics. Even if it is more traveling alone, then you should probably trade with other people to get such supplies, which should certainly sometimes lead to some interesting negotiations.

Furthermore, he demonstrated the new radio system, with which you can receive streams of Internet radio stations with the game. This can also leave at certain locations or carry around.

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