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Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PlayStation 4, the bomb hits the Square Enix E3 2013

The bomb was dropped: Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally a reality, after years and years of waiting unnerving and spin-offs. This time it is a rumor or a gossip placed online by leading PC magazines: to proclaim to ' E3 2013 was just Tetsuya Nomura , during the conference of Sony PlayStation 4.

Kingdom Hearts 3

It is still unclear if the game will be exclusive or not the company, but, on the one hand fans of the new console I hope, on the other succeeds rather difficult to believe: in the end, because Square should miss out on an excellent source of income which Xbox One could prove?

Kingdom Hearts 3

Nothing has been said about the role play: in the E3 trailer we see only a return to the past and a brief immersion in the present; here Sora picks up the keyblade and run by a horde of crazed Heartless them around, takes aim, they attacks and the movie ends. In terms of graphics we are still behind, and Square has clearly implied that " the game is developing , "but the fact that it was announced we did not regret having attended the conference.

The last chapter of the series, Kingdom Hearts 2 , was released in 2006, followed by an endless series of handheld games (remember the magnificent Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and the last, Dream Drop Distance ), will represent the game center of the new collection that Square Enix will launch after KH 1.5 HD Remix : this only after the title PS4 will see the light.

E3 2013 - Kingdom Hearts 3 confirmed on Xbox One

Directly from the booth at E3 2013, Square-Enix has revealed that the new Kingdom Hearts 3 presented during the Sony press conference will also be available on the Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4.

The Japanese then opt for a multi-platform strategy for most of its securities, as evidenced by the recent announcement of Final Fantasy XV for next-gen consoles Microsoft.

Few details for the title developed by the Osaka team under the supervision of Shinji Hashimoto, who should begin before the end of 2014. Following the first official trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3.

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