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Injustice - Gods Among Us Review

Attention, attention, an announcement! The heroes Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and her friends are urged to stand side by side and apologize that they are flown in so late. Thank you ...

Okay, okay, that these heroic journeymen and do not sure, but they need not, after all, they are bound to other practices as we as a god-like beings who dwell among us, or do not you think?! Since we can, as we are generous, forgiving, that they reach us in a roundabout way, and have left a little more than usual time. Therefore, we should have a look fix what the gentlemen are up to.

Injustice Gods Among Us Review

Woe when they released ...

Where you will find heroes, villains are usually not far. So also in Metropolis, as a showcase of the DC Comic characters looming, both the good and the evil, to describe completely flat around, are one of the party. It is once more the good old joker who has a lot of mischief and his opponent drives you crazy. A bomb is the Joker wants to blow up and of course it is to prevent. However, if that works out, is questionable, because just at the moment because the hero faction Joker in its path, a parallel universe revealed. Shit happens, one might think - especially since everything is completely different. Every hero and every hero has evil in this other world, a kind of alter ego. Visually identifiable by the slightly washed-up clothes, and of course more reprehensible morality therefore coming. Led by a visibly frustrated and annoyed plans to Superman, how could it be otherwise, the destruction of the earth. However, the good Batman and his squad have since clearly something about it and put the project in the way. And by the way is still looking for a way back into the real world.

Injustice Gods Among Us Review

Let fists speak

Granted, the story is a little new, a little refreshing and at the end also totally irrelevant. It is, as so often with a pending maintained brawl, a framework that clearly needs the heroes and the villains to let go at each other. Even if the DC Comics universe has brought a large number of good and less good contemporaries forth, we finally leaves you with the - shall we say - popular, well-known elite compete; On all sides. Here, the approach is simple, but repeats itself quite quickly - apart from the fact that it somehow does not matter, so almost any case, whether you are with Batman to swing, with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or, or, or ... you always expect a sequence that matched what was to come in her will a little (and the banal story to tell anyway) and you got to give care to the mumble, and preferably with the aim of the evil opponents with the dark intentions in the once happy hunting grounds to send.

Variety can be found in these sections always pretty consistent running at least because of the different fighting styles, as well as in sporadic emerging mini-games that you allow your opponents to weaken somewhat in advance. Lex Luthor can you keep up with Baterangs at a distance, the car throw their end BlackAdam undergoes etiquette hour or disallow her with arrows from Grumpy Solomon. Also the environment we want to pay a certain tribute, which you can not only incorporate into the fights, but also which look to be more than just useful. The same applies to the animations are impressive no doubt. In this regard, there is nothing to complain about.

Injustice Gods Among Us Review

It was interesting for us, therefore, to note that the pace of the game and the difficulty has increased towards the end striking. Not infrequently we hear the angels sing at the first attempt and only in the second or even third attempt we were able to record a success. Injustice - Gods Among Us pursues an apparently simple system: you are too strong, they are the enemy too. So, if that should be too exhausting even, in the first fight can be easy to bring the twelve, and in the second or third attempt, the story easy going home, in which case no coward, but simply the way of the relaxed playing.

Injustice Gods Among Us Review

Please, I want to cancel!

Story Mode (single player) d├╝rftet her, just as we have quickly put behind you. It took us about five-six hours. The situation is different with the 240 other mission tasks as well as the multi-player where you can stop you felt forever. Partly because it's fun and partially because it takes nerve and patience. Based on the multiplayer can be said of almost lucky that Netherrealm Studios have a good track experience with Mortal Kombat. This is also reflected in Injustice: Gods Among Us resist: All character have a proper amount of facilities, ie different attacks, combo options and special attacks. In addition, of course, come each character special abilities related, for example, can be flown with Hawkgirl or Wonder Woman put the whip away and is instead with sword and shield to defend.

Injustice Gods Among Us Review

The point is you less to multiplayer, then you tried to challenges. Whichever colleague is just off hero or villain, it can be both, it applies various missions in the STAR Labs to do, what not only the Gamerscore / Trophy comes to good account, but also with an asterisk (1-3) is evaluated. The best way is happening with exhilarated describe grieved to death. While some missions are clear and easy to create the famous "zero-point-nothing time", other than in turn prove the exact opposite. Since fix frustration can make broad, especially since it is becoming seemingly, upstream and always the same (!) Sequence does not take off, or more like can always switch.

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